My 5 All-time Favorite Reads

I grew up doing those little library summer reading programs where you get little prizes for reading “x” amount of books, when the summer ended I continued reading for rewards during the school year with the infamous Pizza Hut Personal pizza reading program. But now, at the ripe old age of 22, I read because it’s actually fun. So I guess bribing kids to read with pizza, and cheap toys really does fuel a lifetime love of literature.

I’m going to be real with you, my reading preferences are pretty superficial. I enjoy classic YA novels, murder mysteries, and dystopian societies. To each his own, ya know? So let’s get this list started with some 

*1 sentence summaries*

#5 Harry Potter Series  (HP & The Prisoner of Azkaban if I HAD to choose)


HP thinks he’s going to be killed by a murderous man, but alas, the wizarding world is chuck full of surprises for lil old Harry & his friends.

#4 Looking for Alaska


Dweeby boy goes to a boarding school and meets the coolest most mysterious girl, the entire book is written in countdown form [super unique].

#3 Gone Girl


2 perspectives, 1 hubby, 1 wifey, 1 murder & 1 million twists.

#2 The Language of Flowers


Really cool story of a jaded girl who finds herself in a sticky situation & explains her thoughts and feelings through flowers; told by a series of flashbacks.

#1 Sharp Objects


A reporter returns to her spooky hometown, controlling mother, and bitchy teen sister, all while people are showing up murdered.


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