My Favorite Part of the Day


I’m definitely a morning person; it’s my favorite time of the day! I think my circumstances growing up kind of forced me into being a morning person. Wow, that sounds really dramatic seeing as how my “circumstances” involved an enormous floor-to-ceiling window that woke me up early every morning for 18 years. Whatever, the point is I really like mornings and I have a few reasons why.

But first coffee

I can blame my boyfriend for getting me hooked on this caffeine-riddled delicacy. I started drinking coffee during my senior year of high school, and let me tell you, I felt like a total bad ass. Trucking my little travel mug to first period made me feel soooo grown up. My addiction has grown up with me, and I look forward to my favorite cup of joe every morning.

Morning talk shows

I watch the Today show every single morning. I’m not sure why I love morning TV so much, but maybe it;s because the news on these shows is a bit lighter and fluffier, and gets me in an optimistic mood for the day. Hip hip hooray for news stories centering around puppy dogs, and the latest salad trends.

Daily Skimm

On a more serious note, I recently subscribed to the Daily Skimm, and I’m already obsessed. They send you an email every morning with summaries of major national and international news. It’s a great digestible way to stay informed on national and global issues, something I think is super important.


I guess my real love affair with the early hours of the day lies in the truth that there’s endless possibility for what will happen in the next 16 hours. Especially since I’m unemployed at the moment, my day is really a blank canvas *cheesy.*

What’s your favorite part of the day?


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