What It’s Like to be a Twin

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I have been “#blessed” to have been born an identical twin! That’s right, there is someone walking around who looks just like me, so I guess the world is #blessed as well, did I just use that phrase twice in two sentences? Well I’ve decided to answer some FAQ questions we’ve gotten over the years from friends, family, and random ass strangers.

How can I tell you apart?


This is only from our newbie friends. Because once you get to know us, you can easily tell us apart. But just for shits and giggles: I have a nose ring, and a mole on my right cheek, Kayla (my twin), does not.

Can you feel their pain? 

Ummmm what….? No.

How do you know you are you when you wake up, and you aren’t actually Kayla?


Again, ummm what….? Yes we have legitimately gotten this question more than once.

Can you read the other’s mind?

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 8.55.56 AM


LOL JK. But we usually are on the same wavelength, and more often than you would guess we say the same thing at the same exact time. Or I’ll text her something she was JUST about to text me. Not to mention, when we show up at the same place wearing essentially identical outfits… But I think these things happen because Kayla and I are freakishly close, like seriously guys, we are the poster twins for being BFFs.

Do you like being a twin?


DUH! Being a twin is like being served your soul mate on a golden platter. I honestly feel bad for everyone else, because I cannot possibly imagine not having this kind of relationship in my life #sorrynotsorry. Obviously, I don’t know what it’s like to not be a twin (I’ve been one my entire life hahaha), but I assume the grass is greener over here where I am.

What’s the worst thing about being a twin?


The list of cons is very short, but I’d say identity is the biggest struggle for twins. People often lump the two of you together into one mega personality, but Kayla and I are very different. This was especially prevalent growing up because we were involved in the same activities (we were tennis doubles partners), had the same friends group, and just generally liked doing everything together. But Kayla and I went to different colleges in different states, and I even moved abroad for a year – so we’ve come a long way in developing our own identities. But, honestly, if I have to be lumped together with another person, I’m really lucky it’s her.



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