If Cities Were Stereotypes from High School

1. NYC: most popular


This cities’ reputation proceeds it, and it’ll f*ck you you over in more ways than one. Sounds a little like the popular kids in high school…

2. Paris: best dressed


For anyone who asks, Parisians and the city itself (buildings, cafes, even the alleys) are just as glamorous as the media portrays. Much like that girl who always wore amazing outfits while everyone else slumped around the halls in sweats.

3. Madrid: most social


Cheap, chill, and super chatty. Madrid’s atmosphere is easy-going, to say the least. You’ll always be welcomed with a nice double-cheek kiss, similarly to the kid in high school who transcended social boundaries, and was somehow friends with every person on Earth.

4. Amsterdam: most attractive


With endless canals, pastel-colored buildings, and rows of house boats: Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Although they’re known for their cannabis consumption, but it should really be highlighted for everything being so effing beautiful.

5. Chicago: best personality


Big city glam, with rural town charm. Most of the inhabitants are kind and welcoming (in comparison to other cities). Not to mention the pure magnetism of the breath-taking skyline & lakefront combo.

6. London: most likely to succeed


This city basically exudes “my way or the highway” type attitude, it doesn’t take shit from anyone or anything. I mean, come on, just look at how they drive. As in, they are one of the very few countries that drive on the left side of the road, forcing all travelers to abandon all previously held beliefs about societal movement. They don’t just drive on the left side: people also walk on the left side, go up the stairs on that side, and the escalators are switched. Talk about a true bossy pants.


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