Thoughts & Feelings: Missing Spain

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This time last year the boyfriend and I were settling into our new lives in Madrid, Spain. When I say settling I actually mean we were panicking about finding a place to call home, what our jobs as ESL teachers would be like, and your other typical culture shock feelings. I’m super happy that we are back home now, but I do miss some things about the land of tapas and vino.

Eating tapas every weekend

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Ok, so this is a really superficial point, but the food there is just so delicious! I still daydream about cured meats and cheeses served with warm bread. Not to mention how cheap it all was. Menu del Dia was the daily restaurant deal where you got 3 courses, a bottle of wine, and a loaf of bread for 10 EUROS!

Feeling brave all the time

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I went to Spain without a very high level of Spanish proficiency, so every time I talked to anyone in Spanish I felt really really brave. The smallest tasks I accomplished (successfully understanding a cashier, asking for directions, or figuring out how to order) left me feeling so proud of myself.

New experiences galore

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Living abroad almost feels like being a baby again where every experience you go through is something new. Traveling to new places every weekend, or going to stores I had never heard of – everything was so interesting and different from what I was used to.

I don’t regret not going back to Spain to teach again, but there are definitely some things I really miss.


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