My Instagram vs. My Reality

Everyone knows Instagram feeds are highlight reels of people’s lives. I mean, come on, any app where you can photoshop the shit out of a PSL to make it look like a life changing beverage is bound to be a little misleading.

And after reading this article comparing an Instagram post to reality I was dying to write my own!

1. I workout & look cool while doing it

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 10.08.38 PM


Check me out! I run, I have cool shoes, and what’s that? a sexy city skyline? You can bet I’ve been more productive than you this morning and I feel GREAT about it!


Half way through my run I get a bad side cramp and have to catch my breath. Right as I’m gaining my strength back and mental resilience to complete my minuscule run at snail speed, I realize there’s a pretty good backdrop for an insta.

2. The glam selfie shot

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 10.06.46 PM


Look at me y’all, I’m naturally beautiful and have cool eyes. Also my hair is looking like a beautiful mermaid’s.


I just finished an interview and was using my front facing camera to make sure I didn’t have a booger on my face or something. Decided the lighting looked good, and after some editing, voila!

3. I go to really cool places

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 10.05.52 PM


Check out this cool hipster bar that has neat wall art. Also, admire my tasty ass beverage. I obviously exclusively drink craft beer.


My friends were judging me for taking this & since I had to hold my beer up for the pic everyone at the bar probably thought I was a photo obsessed lunatic.

While Instagram isn’t a perfect representation of my life, I do think it’s a fun way to keep track of some small moments and make them seem a little grander. P.S. you can follow my tiny adventures on instagram here.

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