Currently Craving: Junk (drunk) Food


Hello world, as you can probably tell from these photos I had a good time last night. However, my intoxicating evening activities have lead me to the woes that are hangover cravings. Tell me I’m not alone! While you’re at it, please give me all of the greasy, cheesy, tasty foods!

1. Portillos Italian Beef sounds heavenly right now. Only you Illinois folks will understand the glory that is Portillos.

2. Pass me some chips and let me go to town on a delish 7 layer dip!

3. Another Chicago classic, DEEP DISH! Warm cheesy goodness get in my belly.

4. What sounds better than a mouthwatering mega burger and fries? Nothing.

5. Living in Wisconsin for 3 years ruined me by introducing me to cheese curds. Think mozzarella sticks, but infinitely better.

6. Pretzel bites with some cheese dip are screaming my name right now! PLZ GIMME

What are your favorite hangover foods?!

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