Weekly Wears


Happy Friday! We did it, we made it through another work week. It’s been pretty quiet over here because I have actually been doing things after work this week *gasp*! So here’s what I wore to the office this week, hope you like. And if you don’t feel free to donate money to my new wardrobe fun.

1. Gryffindor Groupie // Hilfiger blazer, white flowy top, and skinny jeans. P.S. People at work actually thought this was a Harry Potter jacket…

2. Jedi Master // Urban Outfitters Poncho, denim tunic, and leggings.

3. Blanket bundle // Blanket scarf *from Spain,* thrifted peplum dress, and leggings,

4. Printed Pants // Ancient Old Navy Pants, Nasty Gal top, and tassel necklace.

5. Comfy Cozy // Aztec printed scarf, Primark top, and black skinnies

What was your favorite thing you wore this week?!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wears

      1. I’ve been wearing nothing but Fall outfits all this month but it just keeps staying warm and I’ve already put up all of my shorts haha so I’ve been burning up!


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