Currently Craving: Activewear


Happy Marathon Monday! For those of you who don’t live along the Chicago Marathon Race day, consider yourselves lucky. I kid, I kid, well kinda… I was awoken by cheers, loud music, and high energy because I can literally hear the friends and family members of Chicago marathon runners from inside my apartment. All of this excitement about running made me start thinking about what activewear I’m currently craving.

1. How cool are these printed leggings? I’d love to snag up a pair of them.

2. I really love the motivational graphic tee trend for workout gear, don’t you?

3. This pullover looks comfy cozy, and also warm enough to keep me from freezing by butt off during lakeshore runs.

4. I just got new Nike running shoes so I don’t need new ones, but I love these mint color tennies!

5. These mesh leggings will make anyone look chic as can be while pumping some iron. Also, I have to wear longer workout pants because I am #teamnochafe


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