Weekly Wears


Happy Friday Homies! Another week has come and gone, and I’m looking forward to some chill time at home this weekend (we took a tiny trip to Madison last weekend). Here are some of the outfits I’ve warn over the past week.

Pinteresty Petals // This outfit just screams Pinterest to me! I’m not 100% sure why, but I think it’s the combination of chambray + sweater layering and the fishtail braid. This could also be classified as my “desperate for Spring” outfit.


Wild Wild Gryffindor // A coworker of mine told me I looked like part cowboy (the boots), and very professional… I don’t care how much this Tommy Hilfiger blazer looks like Hogwarts memorabilia, I just love the fit, color, and pizazz.


S Cubed // Stripes, sweaters, and scarves make this outfit great for winter in the workplace.


Black & White & Red All Over // I loved the simple look of these olive green corduroys paired with a plain black tee, and giant scarf. Looking back on it, I’m not sure if I’d pair this outfit with these shoes again since my red lip serves as the pop of color.


Highway to Wholesome // These bad ass high waisted pants add a certain flair to an otherwise classic cardigan. I love that you can tuck in shirts to get the whole high waist effect, or leave things loose and style these pants as a simple pair of skinnies.


Which outfit was your favorite?


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