Weekly Wears

Happy Friday everyone 🙂 I hope your week has been a great one and you’ve had some time to enjoy this extra hour of sunlight! It’s amazing what more daylight has done to my post-work mood. So are you ready for some outfits?!

U of I Fan // Not sure if any of you are aware but this week was the start of March Madness! While I don’t even know if U of I is in the basketball competition (assuming not), these are their colors and it made me look kinda sportsy?


Drapey With a Side of Structure // I like the combination of this super flowy tunic with the jean jacket. With the coming of Spring, I felt it was necessary to add a little pop of color to a seemingly dark outfit. I’ve been wearing dark colors almost exclusively through winter, so I’m really excited to put a punch of color back into my wardrobe.


Madam Monochromatic // I had been searching high and low for a simple black skirt for a while when I stumbled upon this number at Cross Roads. I love the yoga pant fold-over top (sorry that sounds like a mouthfull). If you go the monochromatic route, it looks a bit like a dress!


Ariana Inspired //  Twin and I watched the SNL that Ariana Grande hosted. If you haven’t seen it yet I would highly recommend (girl is mega talented). While I don’t have quite enough hair to make her statement pony tail, I opted for a half-pony and actually loved how it looked! The only part of my outfit that was Ariana inspired were my shoes. Since she’s so tiny, she is always wearing a pair of heels.


So how was your week? Which outfit do you like best?

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