Weekend Recap Vol. 28


Hello lovelies & happy Monday. Let’s all go in to the week full of happiness, good vibes, and positivity, ya hear? One reason to be extra happy is because yesterday marked the start of the Spring season woooo-hooo!

I took advantage of the warm(er) weather on Saturday and went for a little fun run along the lake. The water looked extra blue to me, any fellow Chicagoans know why?



Saturday was spent popping in and out of stores with the fiance. Once dinner time rolled around we decided to travel a bit north of our neighborhood to Uptown. Fiance is a total yelp master and found this cute pub, the Bar on Buena, (that also served Mexican food). We enjoyed our cheap cocktails while eavesdropping on the couple seated next to us who was clearly on their first date.


After dinner, we made our way back south and headed to one of our new favorite places, The Annoyance. We’ve only been here a few times, but I’m already in love with it for a few reasons 1.) the drinks are SUPER cheap 2.) it’s semi close to our house 3.) they have a decent FREE open mic stand-up on Saturdays. As you can already tell, I would totally recommend.



I woke up Sunday ready to seize the day. And by that I mean my cat woke me up by loudly meowing/squeaking in my face while simultaneously stomping all over my body. I took the custom cat alarm as a sign to get out of bed.


After lounging around for the better part of the morning, Fiance and I decided to get a little home workout in. I usually go to the gym on Sundays with twin, but she was out of town this weekend. As you can tell from this less-than-amused facial expression I am making, the workout was difficult. But I’m glad I did it.


If there is a better reward for working out other than food, please let me know. Logan desperately wanted to try this place near our house that was advertising their “sushi burrito.” When I say “desperately”, I mean it. I think every 4th topic Fiance brought up this past week was the idea of the “sushi burrito”. The hype was deserving, and the sushi burrito was both inexpensive and delicious. Good call Logan, good call.


After 3 consecutive hours of watching TV/playing on my phone/texting my sister I wanted to stretch my creative legs and bust out my scrapbook project. I’m making a book that chronicles mine and fiance’s year abroad. A self-identified hoarder, I currently possess every european ticket stub, metro ticket, and art museum pamphlet we received over the course of our year as Spanish residents – this makes scrapbooking very easy.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

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