Weekly Wears

Friday! You have arrived in all your glory, *praise be*! Remember last week when I told you Spring has sprung in Chicago? Well this week we were taken back to fall-like weather, talk about disheartening. Anyway, I’m hopeful the beautiful sunshine and warmth will return this weekend. Send good vibes and great weather my way!


Denim Duo // Nothing goes better with black denim than a jean jacket, don’t you agree? Add in a little pop of color with a floral print and you’ve got an awesome spring outfit.


Nothing like Neutrals // Guys, guys. I made this skirt! Do you like it? I’m never quite sure what route to take when styling a skirt, but I most often pair them with a flowy top so it looks more like a dress silhouette. But sometimes this can lead to a very blob-like look, any advice on your tried and true skirt pairings?


White Out // Tell me this outfit doesn’t make me look like a beloved member of the Backstreet Boys. I’ve been meaning to try out the monochromatic look, but it took some time to build up my confidence. What do you think?


Rocker Babe // I used to hate the look of booties with naked legs, but times have changed and so have my feelings. Wearing boots with a cotton dress adds a certain “bad-assery” to the look. Of course, I couldn’t leave behind my favorite jean jacket. It makes the look a little more day time.

Which outfit is your favorite?

Currently Craving: Spring Shoes


To say I have a slight obsession with Spring shoes would be the understatement of the century. Everywhere I look I see a new pair I feel I absolutely need! Subway platforms, work elevators, fellow bloggers – no place is safe from my spring shoe envy!

  1. No longer can you strut around in your basic old navy flip-flops, these simple lace-ups add just enough pizzaz to your sandal game.
  2. Mules have officially made a come back. All my girlfriends have been wearing these when we go out. So clearly I need a pair of my own.
  3. A perfect pair of slip-on sneakers are a necessity when you are on the go. I love the color of these pale pink platforms.
  4. YAS! Finally the athleisure trend is in full force and tennis shoes are acceptable to wear with skinny jeans, a dress, or your favorite pair of leggings. While neutrals are tried and true, I love the pop of color these nikes would add to any outfit.
  5. Another platform makes it onto my list (it’s my wannabe Spaniard spirit). Nothing says spring/summer like a sweet pair of espadrilles.
  6. These bad boys are WAY out of my price range, so I’d love to hear if you guys have found a similar pair.
  7. I have been dying (but admittedly too lazy to find/try on) a pair of lace up flats since fall. I love that these could be worn during any season. Except winter. Winter in Chicago with these shoes and you’d be looking at a serious case of frost bite.

Weekend Recap Vol. 32

imageWith the arrival of Monday, I’m already feeling pangs of nostalgia for a weekend well spent.

*On Friday, Fiance and I went to dinner at Flower Flat! It’s a coffee shop by day turned intimate restaurant after dark. They feature a prixe fix menu that is honestly AMAZING.


*Sorry for posting a snapchat, but this lady is just too cute! It was another amazing weekend in Chicago weather-wise, and you better believe we soaked it up.



*Sunday was spent wandering the streets in Wicker Park. It’s a neighborhood that is pretty far from us, especially if you take public transportation. Luckily everyone was down to ride bikes over there.



*We were desperate to eat a late lunch outside, so we settled for this bar. The food was mediocre but the atmosphere was great! Also beermosas are my new fav.


*Sunday night was spent organizing my closet. I should’ve taken before pictures because it was a mess. Like an absolute disaster. We’ll see how long I can keep it like this. Pray for me haha.

Any suggestions on what I can do with the clothes on the top shelf? Right not they’re just folded, but I’d love to add in some more organization up there. LMK. 

“A weekend well spent, leads to a week of content”

Weekly Wears

imageLet’s get wild! Because it’s FriYAY 🙂 I went to a Lukus Graham concert last night and it was simply amazing. He was a surprisingly great performer, his voice was like velvet, and the venue was the perfect size. Talk about a triple win.

Party Animal // This uber fun print is perfect for when you are feeling like you need to add a little ferocity to your outfit. Pair with simple solids so people don’t think you are a total lunatic.


Hot Cross Bun(s) // Bun on my head, bun on my neck. I wore this when I was wishing for spring weather, but still had to deal with lingering winter flurries.


Tousled Tassels //  As you can probably tell this look was thrown together and snapped like 2 minutes before I ran out the door. Nothing says ease like black pants and a simple tee. Am I right?


Vintage Vixen // Super bummed I didn’t get a better picture of this dress (will get one in the future, don’t fret).  I love that it’s loose fitting, but doesn’t make me look like a total blob. Also shoulder cut outs are c00l.


Spring Spunk // I wore this skirt last weekend when it was 70 degrees in Chicago! Ah! Cue disbelief with a side of mild sun burn. I used to not like the look of booties with bare legs, but lately I can’t get enough of it.

Which outfit is your favorite?


A Letter to My 16 Year Old Self


To My Dearest Shannon,

You are 16 years old. A sophomore in high school. Continually worried about boys, grades, your size, and still figuring out who you are. I want to tell you that I am proud of you and I love you.

I am proud of you for doing so well in high school (you graduate at the top of your class). But it’s really not the grades that matter. It’s the fact that the classes you took, the effort you put into your coursework truly shaped your future work ethic. You are passionate. You get what you want. Maybe not on the first, second, or even third attempt, but ultimately if you continue to work hard and work towards a goal you can almost always achieve it.

Thanks for investing your time and energy into your friends. The people you surround yourself with now are so good, so genuine, and will continue to be your dearest friends through college and into young adulthood.

You are beautiful. I know you are sad that you aren’t tall and lean. But you are truly gorgeous. I want you to love your athletic build, and your long, thick, sun-kissed hair. You are stunning in your own way, and I want you to relish in the beauty of your youth, for it is ever-fleeting.

You’ve met your future husband. It’s crazy, but it’s true! Learn from him, soak him up, and be kind. Listen to his stories, adopt his patience, and enjoy your pure love and affection for one another. You’ll realize how rare your relationship is in the future. Grow with him, love him, take each other on adventures, and continue to make memories together.

Shannon. You are great. You are smart, and strong-willed. Don’t be jealous of others. Continue to laugh, love, and go to innocent house parties. Enjoy your friendships, long nights with long walks accompanied by long talks. Live your youth. Don’t grow up too fast.

Much love and affection,

23 Year Old You

Weekend Recap Vol. 32


Hello friends! Happy to report Chicago got it’s first real taste of Spring this weekend, and I could not be happier. We were graced with high 60’s, sunshine, and a really nice breeze. I’m also happy to tell you I took full advantage of the idyllic weather and spent most of my weekend outside.


I love to start my Saturday’s with a run by the lakefront. I am SO lucky to live a stone throw of the beautiful Lakeshore Running Path, and when it’s nice out there’s nothing better than a little trot by the water.



After my energy-inducing run I went to check out the farmer’s market. It’s still indoors for the next couple weeks, but it was nice enough to ride my precious bike bae. Among my purchases: 5 mega Honeycrisp apples, and my all-time favorite dehydrated pears. Basically I bought healthy candy.


Fiance and I decided to check out a new sandwich place in our neighborhood called The Panini Republic. I would definitely recommend checking this place out. AND if you check in to yelp you get a free bag of chips or drink. Holla.


We spent the rest of the afternoon with Twin hanging out on her rooftop. We try to take full advantage of this space whenever the weather allows.


Saturday night marked the beginning of patio season. There is no better atmosphere than sippin on a tasty adult beverage while enjoying the crisp outdoors. Am I right, or am I right?


Sunday was filled with workouts, lakefront walks, grocery shopping, kitty cuddles, and fro yo.

How was your weekend? Has spring hit your neck of the woods?

Weekend Recap Vol. 31

Currently writing this as I am trying to recover from a bad case of the Sunday Scaries. Anyone have a proven remedy for this condition?! LMK.

imageGuys, Chicago needs to get its shit together because it has felt like winter for the past month. If you’re looking for evidence, look no further than the matching turtlenecks above. Whatever weather I’ll still do things! On Saturday us girls were on a mission to raid the indoor farmer’s market only to realize we should’ve checked the schedule because there were no vendors there. The market is next Saturday. In the wake of our defeat, we decided to head on over to an Austrian cafe and sip some tea, catch up, and even do a little wedding planning (both of these lovely ladies are in my bridal party).

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Although the weather was begging us succumb to our fate of being couch-bound til summer, our friends had a different plan in mind. We headed downtown to a friend’s house where we indulged in some adult beverages, and fun talks. I always like this part of the night the best. House parties > bars. I would’ve been happy to hang out there all night.


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

But once again our friends had a difference of opinion and we embarked on an adventure to the bars. And by adventure I mean 6 of us squeezed into a 5 seat Uber. Living on the edge over here. The bar was expensive, loud, and poorly lit. These characteristics only helped to further solidify my previously mentioned opinion of house parties > bars.

What do you think? Parties? Bars? Other.

J. Law’s Latest Body Comment: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


For those of you who don’t watch celebrity news like it’s your job, let me catch you up. Jennifer Lawrence recently said:

“Everybody says, ‘We love that there is somebody with a normal body!’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t feel like I have a normal body.’ I do Pilates every day. I eat, but I work out a lot more than a normal person. I think we’ve gotten so used to underweight that when you are a normal weight it’s like, ‘Oh, my God, she’s curvy.’ Which is crazy. “

After I read this statement, I had three emotions. Good, bad, and ugly. 

Good: FINALLY! An actress is speaking out about how her teeny tiny body should not be considered “normal.” While it’s important to talk about this growing concern, it’s more important to DO something about it. You know the saying: “actions speak louder than words” – yeah it’s true. We need more people in the spotlight and in powerful positions (looking at you media, directors, producers, etc.) to say f*** this unrealistic/unhealthy body standard.

Bad: After saying the above comment, J Law continued: “With a laugh, she added, “At least so I don’t feel like the fattest one.” Wait, what? Talk about 1 step forward, 2 steps backward. Her first comment about body image was so moving to me. I was like HELL YES let’s all agree most actresses’ bodies are not normal and unattainable for us average folk, but then she said this. What I take from this comment is that she doesn’t want to change the standards of women’s body type for normal women, she wants to change them so SHE doesn’t “feel like the fattest one.” Not cool. Especially since she’s impossibly thin already.

The Ugly: The body positive movement is nothing new at this point. If anything, it just seems like an easy way to get some positive publicity. Especially since these seemingly profound words are often empty promises. We all know  J Law will continue to go to pilates classes everyday, land leading roles, and have a low BMI. But how does her lack of follow through affect “normal” women? The majority of women do not have the luxury of working out everyday, and having a nutritionist prepare every meal. And when one of the most influential actresses’ of this decade deems her own size 2 body as “fat” what does that make me?

So what can we learn from the latest body positive sentiments spouted from the mouth of a celeb? We can learn to take these statements with a grain of salt. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Weekly Wears

Holy moly we made it to Friday! I was hit with a killer migraine on Wednesday, so I am definitely ready for some weekend hangs. It’ll be another chilly couple days here in Chicago. But I am desperately trying to hold on to hope that Spring will show up at some point. I just don’t know how much longer I can dress for winter weather.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Pirate Peasant // I was told two things when I wore this outfit. 1. “That shirt looks like you stole it fromCaptain Jack Sparrow” and 2. “Shannon, is that like a peasant bohemian look you’re trying out today?”


Princess Polka // This oversized blazer has always proven a challenge to style. But so far I love it with this dress, and this romper. What do you think?


Peplum Parolee //  The sweetness of a peplum meets the rugged striped tee. I love this Free People top paired with some olive corduroys. While this outfit isn’t seasonally appropriate, neither is the weather here.


B@$iC biT(h // Hunter boots, black skinnies, and an oversized scarf. Wow. Very basic. I personally think there is nothing wrong with being “basic” it merely means you have the same interests as a large group of people. Isn’t that the foundation of making relationships…? Also, how awkward do I look here? haha

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Post-sickness Vibes // I was sick the day before, so I opted for a loose comfy tee, low messy bun, and my tried and true blue jeans. Classic.

Which outfit is your favorite?

Weekend Recap


Hello dear friends! Another weekend has come and gone, and here we are, yet again. Stuck with an entire work-filled week. I hope these snap shots can fill your heart with hope that with time another weekend will grace us with it’s presence.

Was that too dramatic? Hahaha, sorry guys I’m just recovering from a rough Monday. This weekend was a special one for us because Logan’s supa cool Aunt and Uncle were in town. I didn’t snap any photos of the 4 of us, but I got some of the places we went, the food we ate, the cool things we saw.


Friday night was spent sipping tasty craft brews at Corridor Brewery & Provisions. If you go I recommend getting the beer flight and at lease 2 giant pretzels. Also the fries are TDF.


Saturday morning started with a cup of Intelligentsia coffee and a giant ass bagel breakfast sammy that kept me full until dinner.


1st stop: Art Institute! Great art, great people, great cookies. Nuff said.



Stop 2: The Cultural Center. This was a new spot for me, and I would recommend any tourist pop in. It’s free and right downtown. The building is a work of art in and of itself, but they also have some cool exhibits.


Stop 4: Museum of Contemporary Art. If you have the time and $10 to spare, I’d recommend it. Definitely has some good talking pieces. Side note: Shannon 4 Prez 2016.


The next morning we strolled around our hood and ate some delicious brunch.

Not pictured:

  • Our wonderful guests whom we like and love (a big compliment in my book)
  • 4 bottles of wine
  • Dinner at Tango Sur (carnivores unite!)
  • Watching SNL on our couch
  • Uncle falling in love with our lil Luna
  • Lots and lots and lots of walking
  • Snow in April (WTF Mother Nature)
  • Lots of smiles, stories, and catching up