Weekend Recap Vol. 32


Hello friends! Happy to report Chicago got it’s first real taste of Spring this weekend, and I could not be happier. We were graced with high 60’s, sunshine, and a really nice breeze. I’m also happy to tell you I took full advantage of the idyllic weather and spent most of my weekend outside.


I love to start my Saturday’s with a run by the lakefront. I am SO lucky to live a stone throw of the beautiful Lakeshore Running Path, and when it’s nice out there’s nothing better than a little trot by the water.



After my energy-inducing run I went to check out the farmer’s market. It’s still indoors for the next couple weeks, but it was nice enough to ride my precious bike bae. Among my purchases: 5 mega Honeycrisp apples, and my all-time favorite dehydrated pears. Basically I bought healthy candy.


Fiance and I decided to check out a new sandwich place in our neighborhood called The Panini Republic. I would definitely recommend checking this place out. AND if you check in to yelp you get a free bag of chips or drink. Holla.


We spent the rest of the afternoon with Twin hanging out on her rooftop. We try to take full advantage of this space whenever the weather allows.


Saturday night marked the beginning of patio season. There is no better atmosphere than sippin on a tasty adult beverage while enjoying the crisp outdoors. Am I right, or am I right?


Sunday was filled with workouts, lakefront walks, grocery shopping, kitty cuddles, and fro yo.

How was your weekend? Has spring hit your neck of the woods?

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