Weekly Wears

imageLet’s get wild! Because it’s FriYAY 🙂 I went to a Lukus Graham concert last night and it was simply amazing. He was a surprisingly great performer, his voice was like velvet, and the venue was the perfect size. Talk about a triple win.

Party Animal // This uber fun print is perfect for when you are feeling like you need to add a little ferocity to your outfit. Pair with simple solids so people don’t think you are a total lunatic.


Hot Cross Bun(s) // Bun on my head, bun on my neck. I wore this when I was wishing for spring weather, but still had to deal with lingering winter flurries.


Tousled Tassels //  As you can probably tell this look was thrown together and snapped like 2 minutes before I ran out the door. Nothing says ease like black pants and a simple tee. Am I right?


Vintage Vixen // Super bummed I didn’t get a better picture of this dress (will get one in the future, don’t fret).  I love that it’s loose fitting, but doesn’t make me look like a total blob. Also shoulder cut outs are c00l.


Spring Spunk // I wore this skirt last weekend when it was 70 degrees in Chicago! Ah! Cue disbelief with a side of mild sun burn. I used to not like the look of booties with bare legs, but lately I can’t get enough of it.

Which outfit is your favorite?


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