Weekly Wears

Friday! You have arrived in all your glory, *praise be*! Remember last week when I told you Spring has sprung in Chicago? Well this week we were taken back to fall-like weather, talk about disheartening. Anyway, I’m hopeful the beautiful sunshine and warmth will return this weekend. Send good vibes and great weather my way!


Denim Duo // Nothing goes better with black denim than a jean jacket, don’t you agree? Add in a little pop of color with a floral print and you’ve got an awesome spring outfit.


Nothing like Neutrals // Guys, guys. I made this skirt! Do you like it? I’m never quite sure what route to take when styling a skirt, but I most often pair them with a flowy top so it looks more like a dress silhouette. But sometimes this can lead to a very blob-like look, any advice on your tried and true skirt pairings?


White Out // Tell me this outfit doesn’t make me look like a beloved member of the Backstreet Boys. I’ve been meaning to try out the monochromatic look, but it took some time to build up my confidence. What do you think?


Rocker Babe // I used to hate the look of booties with naked legs, but times have changed and so have my feelings. Wearing boots with a cotton dress adds a certain “bad-assery” to the look. Of course, I couldn’t leave behind my favorite jean jacket. It makes the look a little more day time.

Which outfit is your favorite?

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