Weekly Wears

Happy weekend lovelies and handsomes. I hope it was a solid one!

Keep scrolling to see what I wore this week 🙂

Perfectly Patriotic // I’m thinking I’ll have to repeat this outfit for Memorial Day in a few weeks, because it is just too good. This shirt is thrifted (gotta work hard for those finds) and the pants are from H&M.


Spring Awakening // As you’ve noticed (maybe?) I’ve been wearing so. much. black. I dress with the weather, and it has been very doom and gloom over here. But this week we were blessed with an ounce of warmth, so you better believe I took advantage and went full on spring!


Dreary Duds // As mentioned above, the weather has been terrible! Rain, clouds, fog – I’m pretty sure I forgot what the sun looks like…


Printed Pixie // These pixie cut pants from Old Navy are one of my favorite cuts ever. They are soft and stretchy and are great for a pop of uniqueness to any outfit.


The Lazy Girl // These pants are the only “boyfriend” pair I own. They’re from express and are SO comfortable. Another plus? They’re slim enough so my 5’5″ frame doesn’t look extra stumpy.



Which outfit is your favorite?


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