Weekend Recap: Vol 33



While the boys are away the girls will play. That perfectly describes mine and Kayla’s Saturday. We seized the day early on by jumpin on a bus and heading downtown. We are usually ones to do most of our shopping at second hand stores. Not necessarily to be ~trendy~ but mostly because there aren’t any of the big names in our hood. And also we are kinda lazy. But this weekend we decided to see what the deal with H&M, and Zara were. Sadly I only found a $5 bikini top. Maybe I will stick to my second hand stores…


For those of you dating someone with a hearty appetite, you may be able to identify with the sadness of never having snacks for a meal. Kayla and I are both victims of this circumstance. But since the boys were both in their hometowns we took the opportunity to scour the aisles of Trader Joes, scoop up the essential snackings and dug in. We then proceeded to spend all afternoon curled up on her couch watching children’s movies. Ratatouille is just too good for its own good, ya know?



By now you know how much I love my kitty cuddles, and Luna did not disappoint this weekend. Oh yeah, Logan also came back.



One of the best things about our neighborhood is there are so many local shops to pop in and out of. We stumbled into this book store and I rediscovered my love of physical pages, but just couldn’t swallow the prices. Libraries all the way.

There’s also a really cool place called the Coffee & Tea exchange, can you guess what they sell..? COFFEE & TEA! YAS. So those barrels you see up there are filled with delicious, silky, life-maintaining coffee. Also, smells are free. S C O R E.


Capping off the weekend with a face mask which kind of stung my skin. Does that happen to anyone else? Also I’m jumping on the Game of Thrones train (yeah, 5 years late, I know). So I took Sunday night to binge a few episodes.

How was your weekend?!

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