Weekend Recap: Vol 34


Hellooooo & welcome to another Monday. This past weekend in Chicago was SO good. The weather was beautiful and we had absolutely nowhere to be. That translates to a pretty lazy, but equally great couple days off work.

What I did //


I started my Saturday morning off with a run. And believe it or not, I actually went before coffee or breakfast *gasp.* I’m not particularly fast, nor can I run very far (3-4 miles). But I won’t lie, these weekend runs on the lake have become one of my favorite ways to start the day.



Isn’t nature cool? I got a macro, wide angled, and fish eyed lens clip for my iPhone and I’ve been having so much fun with it! You can get yourself a pack of add on lenses here for a whopping $7.


Saturday was filled with a day of walking. Is anyone else obsessed with tracking their steps? Well on Saturday I tracked 24,161 steps! *pats self on back* We’re in market for a new couch, so most  of our steps were taken while on our way to furniture stores.


While we were waiting for our dinner table, we meandered around Armitage and found ourselves in a Lush store. Cue all the sniffs, smells, and wafts. And for those of you wondering, those are not edible…


By now you know no weekend would be complete without some Luna hangs. This weekend she assumed the identity of a piece of fruit. Yes, that is our fruit bowl.

What I ate //


We cooked most of our meals this weekend, but we did manage to leave the house for some delicious tacos on Saturday! If you are in the Chicago area, I would definitely recommend checking out Taco Joint. Their chihuahua + chorizo appetizer is to die for.


As I mentioned early on, the weather was so great! We decided to take full advantage of the glorious sunshine and ate our lunch outside, picnic-style. Cured meats, cheese, hummus, pretzel chips, and cantaloupe. Pinch me, I’m still dreaming about this perfect snacky lunch.


This is our *YAY SPRING* look. Side note: my face now strikes a shocking resemblance to a tomato.

What I drank //


Fiance and I went out Friday night to a super chill bar in Lakeview. They had board games, silly decor, and reasonably priced drinks. I’d call that a win-win-win.


So this place looked A W E S O M E. And they were advertising $1.75 iced coffee! Call me a sucker (or basic), but I was sold after seeing cleverly placed chalkboard sign. I’m really sorry to say that their iced coffee is not cold brew, and thus tasted watered down and is actually not hot at all. Le sigh. I’m sure their hot drinks are good though, I’d definitely go back try a latte.

How was your weekend?


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