Weekly Wears

Happy Memorial Day weekend guys! I hope you all get some extra time off work, and enjoy time spent with families, friends, and sunshine! Keep on scrolling to see what I wore this week.

Classic Cool Girl // This outfit is a little outside my normal style. A bit preppier than I would usually wear, but I absolutely loved it. The day was spent daydreaming about going sailing instead of working at my desk. A girl can dream.


Rocker Babe // I felt so bad ass in this outfit. I don’t know if it was the vampy lip, or the dark denim with a classic white v-neck, but I felt cool AF. I look like I’m pondering where I parked my motorcycle. Right?


Star struck // I’ve had this babydoll dress for 3 years now. It’s from Forever 21, its cotton and therefore perfect. I feel like I’m wearing a giant t-shirt all day, so it’s pretty glorious.


Weekend chill // The perfect classic combo for any warm day. Olive green shorts and a striped tee. Do you like my fakenstocks? They’re like Birkenstocks, but only $20.


Modern Game of Thrones // So I’ve been watching A LOT of Game of Thrones (yes I’m like 5 years late to the party). The combination of the braided hair, drapey shirt, and intricate sandals reminds me of something they’d wear in the series. Well in the south. But we’re all team North, right? Or actually team dragons.


Which outfit is your favorite?

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