Learning What Actually Matters


Everyday I complain. I complain about my job, or my body, or my circumstances. None of the aforementioned are actually worth complaining about, and I do actively try to be a more positive person, but I still catch myself complaining (funny how that works). In these moments I try to put things in perspective. When I actively try to think and analyze which facets of my intricate life actually play some grandiose importance it usually boils down to these 4 pillars.

1. Relationships

I have been blessed with an amazing fiance. This dude just gets me. He’s patient, smart, funny, weird, and did I mention he’s pretty effing hott. He makes me better. He makes me want to be smarter and calmer. So I really lucked out there. I have a twin sister. Our bond is unlike any relationship I’ve ever witnessed. We are two peas in a pod, birds of a feather, cut from the same cloth – and whatever other phrase that describes two people meant to be in each other’s lives. Without her my life would be way less fun and way less full of laughter and weirdness. My Parents & Brother AKA endless sources of support, encouragement, love, and admiration. They are to thank for my hard work ethic and overall self confidence. Great friends that listen to my poorly told stories, and hang out with me even if they’d rather watch Netflix. Thanks guys.

2. Health

Seasonal allergies aside, I am ridiculously healthy. I eat well, exercise often but that doesn’t always make for a healthy human. I should be happy with all the activities my body can do with ease, rather than wishing for smaller legs, and an extra 3″ of height. Noted.

3. Mother Nature

I am a city slicker. An urbanite if you will. But the only thing that stands between me and the beaut that is Lake Michigan is a 4 lane highway. For me, nature is a source of energy. I love being outside; breathing in the fresh scents of budding trees, and looking out into the vastness of the lake makes me feel centered. It truly inspires and refreshes me. Mama nature matters, and I should recycle more often and take shorter showers.

4. Birds & Bees & in-betweens 

My love of animals is not limited to my little Lunes (cat), or my departed childhood dog (Hershe). While I’m no vegan, I do wholeheartedly believe animals should be treated with respect. Especially those who give their lives (unwillingly) to nourish people. As I get older, I’m becoming more aware of little ways to help all the critters. Whether it’s volunteering my time at the local animal shelter, or buying ethically raised pork – I’m trying to be a better human being.

For those of you who read that it probably sounded like a bit of a ramble. But I’ve been a bit of a negative nancy lately and this space is used to help me work this shit out via writing. Thanks for listening to me. For realsies. I’d love to hear about the parts of your life you hold near and dear to your hearts. 

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