Weekend Recap: Vol 37


Hello lovely readers! I hope you enjoyed a nice weekend and spent some time with the people you love. While everyone might not have a biological father figure in their life, I hope you were able to hang out with the influential men in your life.

I was so happy to see the first man I ever loved this weekend, my dad. He’s always been an important pillar in my life, and has been an endless source of love & encouragement. I feel really lucky to have had such an amazing dad growing up. Our relationship is very important to me, yeah I’m a total daddy’s girl #sorrynotsorry. I cannot wait for him to walk me down the aisle in 4 short months!

We did other cool things this weekend too. Logan and I went to his hometown on Friday and Saturday to celebrate his grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary!



Logan is from a smaller town, and everyone knows the best thing about small towns are their endless local restaurants. We stopped into a moderately janky taco shop (the best kind), and enjoyed some tacos, chips, guac, and good conversation.



After lunch Logan and I went to a local park. Let me tell you, this isn’t your run of the mill patch of land guys. This park is legit. Marked by winding paths, random docks, and lots of greenery – it was the perfect escape for two city slickers.

Funny story, Logan took me here for the first time nearly 7 years ago. It was the same day he asked me to be his girlfriend *aweee!*


So here’s a pic of me and Fiance in 2009! B A B I E S ! Point and shoots were clearly worse quality than today’s iPhone 6 hahaha


And here we are, 7 years later. Grown ass adults, engaged, and a bit more attractive, if I do say so myself.

Saturday night we went to a reception to celebrate his grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary. I wish I would’ve taken some pictures, but nonetheless, it was so nice to see Logan’s side of the family and spend some quality time with them. We flipped through his grandparent’s wedding album, and I’m not gunna lie, I got a little teary eyed thinking about how we would be celebrating our special day in a few short months. Side note: his grandma’s wedding dress is totally back in style!


No trip to the suburbs is complete without a bonfire and s’mores. Graham crackers, chocolate, and toasted marshmallows makes for a very happy Shanny.

On Sunday we headed over to my childhood home and spent the afternoon loving on my dad. It’s so nice to living close enough to go home and spend these little special days with my posse.


What did you guys do this weekend?!

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