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A Southern Adventure


Oh my goodness guys, my posting has been super sparse this last month! But I swear it’s for good reason. I recently quit my job (because I accepted another offer) so I’ve had a lot going on in regards to that. The best part about switching jobs is that I had 2 weeks off between gigs, so I took the opportunity to travel down south and visit my aunt and uncle who live in Georgia.




As a Northerner, going to the South feels extra special and exotic. Maybe it’s the expansive ocean, moss-bearing trees, or the tropical animals (I probably saw 20 lizards). Whatever the reason, I absolutely loved being there.

What I did // 


When I was little we took a trip to visit my aunt and uncle who then lived on Jekyll Island. The island is close to where they live now, so my uncle took a morning to show me places I only remember from stories told to me.

It was on this island that my siblings and I traversed through the jungle, swung through the trees, and fed wild dolphins (thanks to local fishermen who succumbed to the cuteness of 4 year old twin girls).


A good chunk of my trip was spent hanging out by their pool. I’ve always loved swimming, as proven by my high school job (see: lifeguard). There was nothing I wanted more than rotating between laying out in the sun, and cooling off in the pool. Mission accomplished.


Have you guys read this? I’m not a huge fan of  the”romance” genre, this book starts off real slow, but I ended up devouring it in just a few days.



Pictured above is the ocean front, 5 star resort my aunt works at. She plans corporate events (and is a total boss at it). Being the super cool lady she is, she hooked me up with free entrance to their pools! Hanging out by myself all day was just a little bit lonely, but I still had a lot of much fun.

What I Ate //



Is it even a trip to the South if you don’t get barbecue? Yeah, I didn’t think so. My uncle took me to a hole-in-the wall BBQ joint, and it was there I had the best pulled pork sammy ever.



If you’re in the Georgia/South Carolina region I would recommend stopping in to the Mellow Mushroom. We opted to sit on the patio, and I totally felt like I was hanging out in a tree house! I would definitely suggest starting with some parmesan pretzels, followed by their meat lovers pizza. Yummmmmm.

I can’t wait to go back and hopefully take the whole #squad with me!

Weekend Recap: Vol 37


Hello lovely readers! I hope you enjoyed a nice weekend and spent some time with the people you love. While everyone might not have a biological father figure in their life, I hope you were able to hang out with the influential men in your life.

I was so happy to see the first man I ever loved this weekend, my dad. He’s always been an important pillar in my life, and has been an endless source of love & encouragement. I feel really lucky to have had such an amazing dad growing up. Our relationship is very important to me, yeah I’m a total daddy’s girl #sorrynotsorry. I cannot wait for him to walk me down the aisle in 4 short months!

We did other cool things this weekend too. Logan and I went to his hometown on Friday and Saturday to celebrate his grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary!



Logan is from a smaller town, and everyone knows the best thing about small towns are their endless local restaurants. We stopped into a moderately janky taco shop (the best kind), and enjoyed some tacos, chips, guac, and good conversation.



After lunch Logan and I went to a local park. Let me tell you, this isn’t your run of the mill patch of land guys. This park is legit. Marked by winding paths, random docks, and lots of greenery – it was the perfect escape for two city slickers.

Funny story, Logan took me here for the first time nearly 7 years ago. It was the same day he asked me to be his girlfriend *aweee!*


So here’s a pic of me and Fiance in 2009! B A B I E S ! Point and shoots were clearly worse quality than today’s iPhone 6 hahaha


And here we are, 7 years later. Grown ass adults, engaged, and a bit more attractive, if I do say so myself.

Saturday night we went to a reception to celebrate his grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary. I wish I would’ve taken some pictures, but nonetheless, it was so nice to see Logan’s side of the family and spend some quality time with them. We flipped through his grandparent’s wedding album, and I’m not gunna lie, I got a little teary eyed thinking about how we would be celebrating our special day in a few short months. Side note: his grandma’s wedding dress is totally back in style!


No trip to the suburbs is complete without a bonfire and s’mores. Graham crackers, chocolate, and toasted marshmallows makes for a very happy Shanny.

On Sunday we headed over to my childhood home and spent the afternoon loving on my dad. It’s so nice to living close enough to go home and spend these little special days with my posse.


What did you guys do this weekend?!

What’s In My Makeup Bag


Hi friends! I hope your week was awesome, and if it wasn’t at least you made it to Friday! This week I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty products. I don’t use a TON of makeup, but I do enjoy experimenting with different brands, and techniques.

My usual routine only takes about 5-10 minutes! Keep scrolling for a look into my personal makeup bag.


#Squadgoals, right?! Is it just me, or is beauty product packaging the cutest?


NYX BB Cream //  I apply this lightly on my face almost every day. I love it because it feels light, but it really does even out your skin tone. I’m talking doll status skin. NYX is a great brand because it’s on the cheaper end of bb creams, but it feels like a high quality product.


Arrow Revive Liquid Blush // I received this sample in one of my BirchBox’s and I am obsessed! If you haven’t tried liquid blush, I would highly recommend. I think it looks a little more natural than its powder counterpart.


Revolution Eyebrow Kit // This lil dude comes with 3 different brow powder shades and a holding gel. I think this is the biggest beauty change I’ve made over the past year. Because ya know, brow game is important now.


The Beauty Crop Highlighting Cream // Another BirchBox item, this lil guy goes a long way. Seriously, a little dap on your cheekbones and along the bridge of your nose makes such a huge difference!


Illegal Length Mascara // I’ve tried A LOT of drugstore mascaras, and this one is my favorite so far. The brush catches every tiny eyelash and really gives you a natural, clean look. If you’re looking for thick lashes, I wouldn’t recommend this product – its definitely focused on the “length” aspect of mascara.


Tools //  All I use are this eyebrow brush, a beauty blender, and eyelash curler.


During the first step, since I was a total goob and forgot to take a true “before” pic.

DSC_0849 (1)

Finished look! Let me know what you think. Do you have any favorite beauty products? How long does your routine take?

Weekly Wears

Hellooo Homies! Praise be, we have made it to Friday. Or should I say FriYAY? I feel like there should be some online petition going around to formally change Friday to FriYAY. Am I right, or am I right…? Regardless, I’m sure you all are SO antsy to see what I’ve worn this week. Get your scrolling fingers ready, and…. go!


Teacher Vibes //  This classy combo of suede meets black peplum creates the perfect professor look. Toss on a colored cardi, and you’ve got a complete outfit!


Athleisure // How great are these new Adidas kicks? They feel like walking on tiny clouds all day. I figured since my wardrobe is mostly blue, gray, black, and white neon salmon would be the perfect shoe color.


Baseballer Wannabe // I know, I know, this tiny baby doll dress easily looks like a slightly large t-shirt. I swear it was marketed as a dress, AND I’m wearing shorts underneath. AND this was worn on the weekend. So ya know, I feel like it’s ok.


Boyfriend Inspired // These boyfriend tees from Old Navy are SO SOFT and SO COMFY. I got this one during the Memorial day sale, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to go back and get one in every color. Ya feel?


Mix & Match //  Honestly, I don’t even know what to say about this number. A little this + a little that, and you’re good to go.


Which outfit do you like best?

Currently Craving: Hair Trends

CC Hair

one. // two. // three. // four.

My hair is finally 100% grown out since my summer ’14 long angled bob! Now that I have my length back, I love playing with new hairstyles! Especially ones that keep my long locks out of my face and quite honestly out of my mouth (long haired girls in windy cities can relate, right?)

I’ve rounded up some of the cutest tutorials for easy hair do’s. Let me know which one you like best!

Weekend Recap: Vol 36


Hello lovelies, and welcome to Monday! As always, I’m still dreaming about another wonderful weekend in the Windy City.

On Friday we started the weekend off right by going to a Flowers for Dreams event. Free mini bouquets, nitro cold brew, and good vibes. They’ll have these events periodically throughout the summer, so follow them on instagram if you’re interested!


Yes, that (^) is a really spooky panoramic picture gone wrong. Friday night was spent sipping our own wine and enjoying a 3 course prixe fixe menu at Flower Flat!



With no plans on Saturday, we spent a good chunk of the day wandering about. Including our neighborhood Farmer’s Market. How adorable are those multi-colored potatoes?! I just cannot.


Sunday was equally chill. We caught up with some friends over a cold brew tea, but other than that we just enjoyed the day off and sunshine!


And here’s your weekly dose of Lil Luna.

How was your weekend?

Learning What Actually Matters


Everyday I complain. I complain about my job, or my body, or my circumstances. None of the aforementioned are actually worth complaining about, and I do actively try to be a more positive person, but I still catch myself complaining (funny how that works). In these moments I try to put things in perspective. When I actively try to think and analyze which facets of my intricate life actually play some grandiose importance it usually boils down to these 4 pillars.

1. Relationships

I have been blessed with an amazing fiance. This dude just gets me. He’s patient, smart, funny, weird, and did I mention he’s pretty effing hott. He makes me better. He makes me want to be smarter and calmer. So I really lucked out there. I have a twin sister. Our bond is unlike any relationship I’ve ever witnessed. We are two peas in a pod, birds of a feather, cut from the same cloth – and whatever other phrase that describes two people meant to be in each other’s lives. Without her my life would be way less fun and way less full of laughter and weirdness. My Parents & Brother AKA endless sources of support, encouragement, love, and admiration. They are to thank for my hard work ethic and overall self confidence. Great friends that listen to my poorly told stories, and hang out with me even if they’d rather watch Netflix. Thanks guys.

2. Health

Seasonal allergies aside, I am ridiculously healthy. I eat well, exercise often but that doesn’t always make for a healthy human. I should be happy with all the activities my body can do with ease, rather than wishing for smaller legs, and an extra 3″ of height. Noted.

3. Mother Nature

I am a city slicker. An urbanite if you will. But the only thing that stands between me and the beaut that is Lake Michigan is a 4 lane highway. For me, nature is a source of energy. I love being outside; breathing in the fresh scents of budding trees, and looking out into the vastness of the lake makes me feel centered. It truly inspires and refreshes me. Mama nature matters, and I should recycle more often and take shorter showers.

4. Birds & Bees & in-betweens 

My love of animals is not limited to my little Lunes (cat), or my departed childhood dog (Hershe). While I’m no vegan, I do wholeheartedly believe animals should be treated with respect. Especially those who give their lives (unwillingly) to nourish people. As I get older, I’m becoming more aware of little ways to help all the critters. Whether it’s volunteering my time at the local animal shelter, or buying ethically raised pork – I’m trying to be a better human being.

For those of you who read that it probably sounded like a bit of a ramble. But I’ve been a bit of a negative nancy lately and this space is used to help me work this shit out via writing. Thanks for listening to me. For realsies. I’d love to hear about the parts of your life you hold near and dear to your hearts. 

Weekly Wears

Happy Memorial Day weekend guys! I hope you all get some extra time off work, and enjoy time spent with families, friends, and sunshine! Keep on scrolling to see what I wore this week.

Classic Cool Girl // This outfit is a little outside my normal style. A bit preppier than I would usually wear, but I absolutely loved it. The day was spent daydreaming about going sailing instead of working at my desk. A girl can dream.


Rocker Babe // I felt so bad ass in this outfit. I don’t know if it was the vampy lip, or the dark denim with a classic white v-neck, but I felt cool AF. I look like I’m pondering where I parked my motorcycle. Right?


Star struck // I’ve had this babydoll dress for 3 years now. It’s from Forever 21, its cotton and therefore perfect. I feel like I’m wearing a giant t-shirt all day, so it’s pretty glorious.


Weekend chill // The perfect classic combo for any warm day. Olive green shorts and a striped tee. Do you like my fakenstocks? They’re like Birkenstocks, but only $20.


Modern Game of Thrones // So I’ve been watching A LOT of Game of Thrones (yes I’m like 5 years late to the party). The combination of the braided hair, drapey shirt, and intricate sandals reminds me of something they’d wear in the series. Well in the south. But we’re all team North, right? Or actually team dragons.


Which outfit is your favorite?