Currently Craving: Spring Shoes


To say I have a slight obsession with Spring shoes would be the understatement of the century. Everywhere I look I see a new pair I feel I absolutely need! Subway platforms, work elevators, fellow bloggers – no place is safe from my spring shoe envy!

  1. No longer can you strut around in your basic old navy flip-flops, these simple lace-ups add just enough pizzaz to your sandal game.
  2. Mules have officially made a come back. All my girlfriends have been wearing these when we go out. So clearly I need a pair of my own.
  3. A perfect pair of slip-on sneakers are a necessity when you are on the go. I love the color of these pale pink platforms.
  4. YAS! Finally the athleisure trend is in full force and tennis shoes are acceptable to wear with skinny jeans, a dress, or your favorite pair of leggings. While neutrals are tried and true, I love the pop of color these nikes would add to any outfit.
  5. Another platform makes it onto my list (it’s my wannabe Spaniard spirit). Nothing says spring/summer like a sweet pair of espadrilles.
  6. These bad boys are WAY out of my price range, so I’d love to hear if you guys have found a similar pair.
  7. I have been dying (but admittedly too lazy to find/try on) a pair of lace up flats since fall. I love that these could be worn during any season. Except winter. Winter in Chicago with these shoes and you’d be looking at a serious case of frost bite.

Currently Craving: Vests


Is it just me, or does it seem like vests are totally having a moment right now? I’ve been eyeing lots of them on my fellow Chicagoans, and I must say I’m green with envy.

1. This brown suede vest is on the top of my  must-have list. I think t would really pull a lot of my outfits together.

2. I tragically lost my beloved denim jacket between moves, talk about heartbroken. I guess this one could cheer me up.

3. Still debating about this faux fur vest trend, do you guys think I could pull it off?

4. This puffy maroon vest looks like it could replace some of my fall jackets.

5. Loving the cut of this cute and casual gray number.

Which vest is your favorite?! 

Currently Craving: Comfy Cozy Clothing


Now that temps are finally dipping down into the 50s, it feels like fall has finally arrived! And with these low temperatures, I’m reaching for all things comfy and cozy! I found all of these on this awesome site shein. I didn’t think it was a super legit shopping site (a too good to be true case), but my sister recently ordered from them and everything was a pretty good quality, and she got the package pretty quickly! Score!

1. DYING for this geometric maroon poncho, I can just see myself cuddled up in it every weekend.

2. Similar to number 1, but long enough to wear with a pair of leggings. I like the cowl neck, and I don’t think it would feel like a tiny leprechaun is choking me all day (I’m looking at you turtle necks).

3. I have one blanket scarf, but living in Chicago in the winter means I need like 8 of these on rotation. The houndstooth print on this one would go great with everything in my closet.

4. Color block is still in, and I love this simple dress with autumn inspired colors.

5. How amazing does this ombre scarf look?! I think it’s #1 on my scarf wish list.

6. Last, but not least, another poncho inspired top that would look great with riding boots, and a pair of printed leggings.

What are you currently craving?!

Currently Craving: Activewear


Happy Marathon Monday! For those of you who don’t live along the Chicago Marathon Race day, consider yourselves lucky. I kid, I kid, well kinda… I was awoken by cheers, loud music, and high energy because I can literally hear the friends and family members of Chicago marathon runners from inside my apartment. All of this excitement about running made me start thinking about what activewear I’m currently craving.

1. How cool are these printed leggings? I’d love to snag up a pair of them.

2. I really love the motivational graphic tee trend for workout gear, don’t you?

3. This pullover looks comfy cozy, and also warm enough to keep me from freezing by butt off during lakeshore runs.

4. I just got new Nike running shoes so I don’t need new ones, but I love these mint color tennies!

5. These mesh leggings will make anyone look chic as can be while pumping some iron. Also, I have to wear longer workout pants because I am #teamnochafe

Currently Craving: Desk Trinkets


Hey guys! I started my first “big girl” job two weeks ago, and I’m desperately searching for little trinkets to make my desk area feel more like “my space.” The agency I work for is following the open workspace trend, so no cubicle for me!

1. I’d use this awesome mug to hold pens, pencils, and other random office supplies. I work in a chill place, so I don’t think the language on the mug would be an issue.

2. How cute are these tiny elephant phone holders?! Definitely a great way to add a pop of color to my little work space.

3. Love, love, love this little photo holder. I think I’ll order prints of some of my favorite instagram photos.

4. This floral calendar desk pad would add a nice feminine feel to my lil area, dontchya think?

What little items do you use to spruce up your work area?

Currently Craving: Junk (drunk) Food


Hello world, as you can probably tell from these photos I had a good time last night. However, my intoxicating evening activities have lead me to the woes that are hangover cravings. Tell me I’m not alone! While you’re at it, please give me all of the greasy, cheesy, tasty foods!

1. Portillos Italian Beef sounds heavenly right now. Only you Illinois folks will understand the glory that is Portillos.

2. Pass me some chips and let me go to town on a delish 7 layer dip!

3. Another Chicago classic, DEEP DISH! Warm cheesy goodness get in my belly.

4. What sounds better than a mouthwatering mega burger and fries? Nothing.

5. Living in Wisconsin for 3 years ruined me by introducing me to cheese curds. Think mozzarella sticks, but infinitely better.

6. Pretzel bites with some cheese dip are screaming my name right now! PLZ GIMME

What are your favorite hangover foods?!

Currently Craving: Shoes


With fall just around the corner, I’ve been hit with a massive wave of shoe cravings. I kind of have smelly/sweaty feet #TMI, so being able to contain them in boots,slip ons, and tennies really helps haha. There are so many fall trends I am dying to try, as well as some classics I need to replace (cheap riding boots woes).

1. Platform sneakers are HUGE in Europe (where I lived last year). I’m lusting after these chic faux snake leather pair.

2. One of the latest shoe trends I’ve noticed are lace up flats. Talk about adding a dash of glam to a simple shoe.

3. I need to get my hands on a pair of classic, simple booties that I can wear on the daily.

4. Always a sucker for cognac colored riding boots. I should invest in a good pair this year because I always have to replace them.

5. Going with the athletic wear chic, these pair of nikes would pair well with anything.

Currently Craving: Autumn Accessories

CC Accessories

Fall is just around the corner, and I couldn’t be happier about it. We had a bit of an autumn weather preview in Chicago last week, but the temps are soaring in the 90s again this week, talk about a total tease. There are so many items I’m dying to add to my wardrobe. Since I was living abroad last year, I wasn’t really able to shop a lot because I knew I’d have to bring everything back with me in a 50 lbs suitcase.

  1. Need this basic blanket scarf that I know would look great with a long sleeve tee, jeans, and some tall boots
  2. I’ve been seeing these massive statement necklaces all over the place: instagram, bloglovin’, street style.
  3. Little booties! How cute are these guys?! I’m positive they’d look great with everything + the little heel makes for easy walking.
  4. Desperate for a lightweight cross-body, and I’m basically obsessed with this deep purple color. All of the ones I have now are old and super beat up.
  5. I really loved seeing these wide brimmed hats last year, and this one is only $17!

Currently Craving: Technology

CC Tech

1. I’m currently on team iPhone, but it’s the archaic iPhone 5 aka the updates no longer work, and I have to charge it twice a day (minimum). I’m considering making the switch to the Samsung Galaxy 6S which has more storage, better battery, and a higher mega pixel camera.

2. I bought my MacBook Pro right after I graduated from high school in 2011. It still works, but I wouldn’t turn down an upgrade to the newest Mac Book Air.

3. I work out quite a bit, and I’m on a diet right now. I think the Fit Bit Surge would be really helpful to make sure I’m staying on track with my health and fitness goals. It also doubles as a watch, how neat is that?!

4. Right now Logan and I are babysitting my brothers TV, but we’ll eventually have to give it back. When we do, I’m going to have my heart set on the Samsung 55″ TV. Our living room is kind of massive, so we obvi need a giant TV. Obvi.

5. So if I can’t get a new laptop, I think an External Hard Drive would help speed up my current one. I have so many pictures and what not that they’re probably slowing my computer down a ton.

What techie gadgets are on your wish list?

Currently Craving: DIY Day


I don’t know if it’s my increasing boredom with TV #unemployed, but I’ve got DIY on the brain. I can’t wait for the first chilly autumn day that I can devote entirely to crafting. Here are some of the projects that are at the top of my list.

1. Distressed Denim

I’ve been working on a pair of my own distressed jeans, and WOW it takes a really long time to create a nice hole. So the next time someone asks you why you’d buy ripped pants, tell them it’s because doing it yourself is actually a total b*tch.

2. Cactus pincushions 

I wouldn’t use these lil cuties for sewing; I think they’d make some great decoration for my little apartment though. And everyone knows cacti are so on trend right now.

3. Scrap book

The boyfriend and I spent a whole year traveling around Europe, so you can only imagine how many great pics I have of us. I’d love to print them out and make a little huge book chuck full of memories.

4. Monochromatic bracelets

Wow talk about a grown-up spin on friendship bracelets. I’m in love with the boho bracelet stacking look, so I could totally see me rocking 5 of these on my wrist.

5. Branch hooks

Love the idea of making something pretty from nature. My apartment is all white, so I think I’d use a pop of color for these!