Weekend Recap Vol. 19

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Happy humpday homies! I’m a bit late on my weekend recap, not that I could imagine you guys being too torn up about it.

* On Friday my team at work had a holiday potluck! Cheese is life. The end.

* Saturday was my company’s holiday party. It was my first-ever big-girl holiday party and it was an absolute blast! It was held at the Museum of Broadcast Journalism.

*Delicious food, an open bar, and an amazing band were the highlights of the night.

* On Sunday I paid for my enjoyment of the open bar, and was bound to the couch with a Luna on my lap.

How was your weekend?!


Weekend Recap Vol. 14

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It’s November!!! That means holiday season is upon us *YAZZZZZ*! The Fiance and I were living in Madrid last year, and the holidays just weren’t the same overseas (obvi), so I’m extra super excited for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and my birthday! This weekend turned out to be the epitome of chill. It was much needed after the last few weekends of go-go-go.

* Fiance was out of town all weekend which meant it was just me and my main squeeze, Luna.

* I don’t know if it was because Logan was gone this weekend, but the cat was SUPER cuddly. Which, as you can see, resulted in a lot of cat pics #sorrynotsorry.

* I went to two Halloween parties dressed as a Jedi. Unfortunately that meant everyone wanted to steal my $3 light saber…

Did you do anything fun this weekend? 

Weekend Recap Vol 8

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* Guys I finally started my new job! I have purpose again

* Did I mention we got a cat? Her name is Luna and I’m basically obsessed with her. Current nicknames: Luna Lovegood, Luna Love, Luna likes Tuna, Luney Toon

* Kayla, Logan, and I went to our local Whole Foods on Friday for an event. They have 5 wines, 5 apps, for $5! Twas amazing

* I enjoyed a couple walks by the lake, we’re finally being hit with some fall weather #score!

* Not pictured: Logan and I had a tapa night on Friday! Trader Joes sells Spanish meats and cheeses for cheap. It really brought back some memories of our time in Madrid

How was your weekend?