Will you be my usher?


Hi guys! I wanted to give you a bit of a wedding update. Remember the bridesmaids/groomsmen goodie boxes we made a few months ago? Well we wanted to do something similar for our ushers, so a few weeks back we bought them some alc, and I made them cards!


Clearly had to go with an Usher theme for the cards, get it?


All you need are some plain cardstock cards, scrapbooking paper, a sharpie, and some string.

The boys loved the cards, and we are so happy to have them join in on our special day.


How I Popped The Question


As most of you know, I’m engaged, you can read how the proposal went down here! So apparently after you get engaged you are required to plan a wedding, who knew? Wedding planning has been a total breeze so far *knocks on wood.* We’ve booked a venue, found the perfect photographer, bought my dream dress, so we figured it was about time we asked some of our very favorite humans to stand up with us on our special day!

We wanted to put a little extra effort into it; a little pizzazz if you will. After a quick trip to Michaels, Binny’s, and Marshalls we were able to start crafting the perfect little goodie boxes to pop the question.


A little thought goes a long way, and that’s just what we had in mind when we were shopping for the trinkets. The boxes I made for my girls were pretty similar, with a bit of personal touches for each one.

They all got a pretty notepad, some speciality soap, a treat, a shot glass, and alcohol (because getting married is just throwing a giant party)!



I think my favorite part of putting these goodie boxes together was hand making all of the cards. I love getting a little crafty, so I spent a good chunk of time on them. What do you think?



I’m so so so happy/excited/grateful that all of my ladies agreed to the position! It was extra fun asking my twin sister (maid of honor), and my good friend who lives in Chicago because I got to see their faces light up and give them a big hug. I feel like I got a teeny tiny taste of how fiance felt when he popped the question to me.


I’m so excited for all of the fun memories in store for the four of us. 🙂

What kinds of things would you gift to your bridal party? I’d love to hear your opinions!


Currently Craving: DIY Day


I don’t know if it’s my increasing boredom with TV #unemployed, but I’ve got DIY on the brain. I can’t wait for the first chilly autumn day that I can devote entirely to crafting. Here are some of the projects that are at the top of my list.

1. Distressed Denim

I’ve been working on a pair of my own distressed jeans, and WOW it takes a really long time to create a nice hole. So the next time someone asks you why you’d buy ripped pants, tell them it’s because doing it yourself is actually a total b*tch.

2. Cactus pincushions 

I wouldn’t use these lil cuties for sewing; I think they’d make some great decoration for my little apartment though. And everyone knows cacti are so on trend right now.

3. Scrap book

The boyfriend and I spent a whole year traveling around Europe, so you can only imagine how many great pics I have of us. I’d love to print them out and make a little huge book chuck full of memories.

4. Monochromatic bracelets

Wow talk about a grown-up spin on friendship bracelets. I’m in love with the boho bracelet stacking look, so I could totally see me rocking 5 of these on my wrist.

5. Branch hooks

Love the idea of making something pretty from nature. My apartment is all white, so I think I’d use a pop of color for these!