Weekend Recap Vol. 19

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Happy humpday homies! I’m a bit late on my weekend recap, not that I could imagine you guys being too torn up about it.

* On Friday my team at work had a holiday potluck! Cheese is life. The end.

* Saturday was my company’s holiday party. It was my first-ever big-girl holiday party and it was an absolute blast! It was held at the Museum of Broadcast Journalism.

*Delicious food, an open bar, and an amazing band were the highlights of the night.

* On Sunday I paid for my enjoyment of the open bar, and was bound to the couch with a Luna on my lap.

How was your weekend?!


Weekend Recap Vol. 6

weekend recap

Excuse the old pics, but I was having way too much fun this weekend to actually remember to take some pictures haha.

* An old high school friend came down to the city to visit me! I never get tired of catching up with the some of my best friends.

* We celebrated Andy’s (my sister’s boyfriend) birthday on Saturday! It was a perfectly chill night full of deluxe chocolate cake (with cookie dough in the middle), friends, and nice chats.

* The boyfriend and I ate a delicious brunch at Pick Me Up Cafe. It’s one of our all-time favorite places in the city! Hip hip hooray for build your own omelettes!