Weekend Recap Vol. 31

Currently writing this as I am trying to recover from a bad case of the Sunday Scaries. Anyone have a proven remedy for this condition?! LMK.

imageGuys, Chicago needs to get its shit together because it has felt like winter for the past month. If you’re looking for evidence, look no further than the matching turtlenecks above. Whatever weather I’ll still do things! On Saturday us girls were on a mission to raid the indoor farmer’s market only to realize we should’ve checked the schedule because there were no vendors there. The market is next Saturday. In the wake of our defeat, we decided to head on over to an Austrian cafe and sip some tea, catch up, and even do a little wedding planning (both of these lovely ladies are in my bridal party).

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Although the weather was begging us succumb to our fate of being couch-bound til summer, our friends had a different plan in mind. We headed downtown to a friend’s house where we indulged in some adult beverages, and fun talks. I always like this part of the night the best. House parties > bars. I would’ve been happy to hang out there all night.


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But once again our friends had a difference of opinion and we embarked on an adventure to the bars. And by adventure I mean 6 of us squeezed into a 5 seat Uber. Living on the edge over here. The bar was expensive, loud, and poorly lit. These characteristics only helped to further solidify my previously mentioned opinion of house parties > bars.

What do you think? Parties? Bars? Other.

Weekend Recap


Hello dear friends! Another weekend has come and gone, and here we are, yet again. Stuck with an entire work-filled week. I hope these snap shots can fill your heart with hope that with time another weekend will grace us with it’s presence.

Was that too dramatic? Hahaha, sorry guys I’m just recovering from a rough Monday. This weekend was a special one for us because Logan’s supa cool Aunt and Uncle were in town. I didn’t snap any photos of the 4 of us, but I got some of the places we went, the food we ate, the cool things we saw.


Friday night was spent sipping tasty craft brews at Corridor Brewery & Provisions. If you go I recommend getting the beer flight and at lease 2 giant pretzels. Also the fries are TDF.


Saturday morning started with a cup of Intelligentsia coffee and a giant ass bagel breakfast sammy that kept me full until dinner.


1st stop: Art Institute! Great art, great people, great cookies. Nuff said.



Stop 2: The Cultural Center. This was a new spot for me, and I would recommend any tourist pop in. It’s free and right downtown. The building is a work of art in and of itself, but they also have some cool exhibits.


Stop 4: Museum of Contemporary Art. If you have the time and $10 to spare, I’d recommend it. Definitely has some good talking pieces. Side note: Shannon 4 Prez 2016.


The next morning we strolled around our hood and ate some delicious brunch.

Not pictured:

  • Our wonderful guests whom we like and love (a big compliment in my book)
  • 4 bottles of wine
  • Dinner at Tango Sur (carnivores unite!)
  • Watching SNL on our couch
  • Uncle falling in love with our lil Luna
  • Lots and lots and lots of walking
  • Snow in April (WTF Mother Nature)
  • Lots of smiles, stories, and catching up


Weekly Wears

image70’s Librarian // By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about the revival of 70’s fashion. Suede has been the my personal favorite trend to make a comeback. It works so well as a neutral while making you look classically chic!

imageO-live Spring // Get it? Get it? Like “I Love Spring” but I also look like an olive haha. I’ve always been a sucker for this color combination. Although spring time in the Chicago still has us Chicagoans reaching for layers – including heavy vests and scarves, I love the extra daylight and the promise of summer.

imageChef Shannon // Someone told me these pants look like the ones chefs wear to work, and I can’t really disagree. But I will say they are SO cute and I got a ton of compliments when I sported them at work this week. You definitely need to pair this loud print with a simple top and accessories.

imageWinged Woman // Is it just me, or does this outfit make me look like I have wings? After looking at this combo, I’m not sure I would repeat this number… In the words of Hannah Montana: “everyone makes mistakes”


Baby Blues // Can you tell I am excited to wear color again? I usually stick to a seasonal clothing pallet, which means I wear a lot of black and grey in the winter, and a ton of color in the spring and summer. I was surprised to find I loved the two blue color combo, but it just worked.

Which outfit is your favorite?

Weekend Recap Vol. 28


Hello lovelies & happy Monday. Let’s all go in to the week full of happiness, good vibes, and positivity, ya hear? One reason to be extra happy is because yesterday marked the start of the Spring season woooo-hooo!

I took advantage of the warm(er) weather on Saturday and went for a little fun run along the lake. The water looked extra blue to me, any fellow Chicagoans know why?



Saturday was spent popping in and out of stores with the fiance. Once dinner time rolled around we decided to travel a bit north of our neighborhood to Uptown. Fiance is a total yelp master and found this cute pub, the Bar on Buena, (that also served Mexican food). We enjoyed our cheap cocktails while eavesdropping on the couple seated next to us who was clearly on their first date.


After dinner, we made our way back south and headed to one of our new favorite places, The Annoyance. We’ve only been here a few times, but I’m already in love with it for a few reasons 1.) the drinks are SUPER cheap 2.) it’s semi close to our house 3.) they have a decent FREE open mic stand-up on Saturdays. As you can already tell, I would totally recommend.



I woke up Sunday ready to seize the day. And by that I mean my cat woke me up by loudly meowing/squeaking in my face while simultaneously stomping all over my body. I took the custom cat alarm as a sign to get out of bed.


After lounging around for the better part of the morning, Fiance and I decided to get a little home workout in. I usually go to the gym on Sundays with twin, but she was out of town this weekend. As you can tell from this less-than-amused facial expression I am making, the workout was difficult. But I’m glad I did it.


If there is a better reward for working out other than food, please let me know. Logan desperately wanted to try this place near our house that was advertising their “sushi burrito.” When I say “desperately”, I mean it. I think every 4th topic Fiance brought up this past week was the idea of the “sushi burrito”. The hype was deserving, and the sushi burrito was both inexpensive and delicious. Good call Logan, good call.


After 3 consecutive hours of watching TV/playing on my phone/texting my sister I wanted to stretch my creative legs and bust out my scrapbook project. I’m making a book that chronicles mine and fiance’s year abroad. A self-identified hoarder, I currently possess every european ticket stub, metro ticket, and art museum pamphlet we received over the course of our year as Spanish residents – this makes scrapbooking very easy.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

How I Popped The Question


As most of you know, I’m engaged, you can read how the proposal went down here! So apparently after you get engaged you are required to plan a wedding, who knew? Wedding planning has been a total breeze so far *knocks on wood.* We’ve booked a venue, found the perfect photographer, bought my dream dress, so we figured it was about time we asked some of our very favorite humans to stand up with us on our special day!

We wanted to put a little extra effort into it; a little pizzazz if you will. After a quick trip to Michaels, Binny’s, and Marshalls we were able to start crafting the perfect little goodie boxes to pop the question.


A little thought goes a long way, and that’s just what we had in mind when we were shopping for the trinkets. The boxes I made for my girls were pretty similar, with a bit of personal touches for each one.

They all got a pretty notepad, some speciality soap, a treat, a shot glass, and alcohol (because getting married is just throwing a giant party)!



I think my favorite part of putting these goodie boxes together was hand making all of the cards. I love getting a little crafty, so I spent a good chunk of time on them. What do you think?



I’m so so so happy/excited/grateful that all of my ladies agreed to the position! It was extra fun asking my twin sister (maid of honor), and my good friend who lives in Chicago because I got to see their faces light up and give them a big hug. I feel like I got a teeny tiny taste of how fiance felt when he popped the question to me.


I’m so excited for all of the fun memories in store for the four of us. 🙂

What kinds of things would you gift to your bridal party? I’d love to hear your opinions!


Weekly Wears

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Praise be! It’s Friday!!! This week was a tough one for me, maybe because of the short week last week? Or maybe because I’m on day 25 of my Whole 30, which means one more sober weekend for this girl! Now for some outfits of the week

Office Ballerina // This dress borders on too fancy for a casual work atmosphere. But it’s really all about assessors. Pair this drop-waisted dress with black tights, a cardigan, and a giant scarf to make it more laid back.


Pattern Melting Pot // Stripes? Check. Plaid? Check. Houndstooth? Check. Cognac? Check. This mash-up screams comfy and cozy. Makes days at the office feel a little more like lounging on the couch.


Wintertime Yuppie // I got this coat at Old Navy for $15! Isn’t that insane? It’s not very thick, so you gotta save this bad boy for the warmer colder days. By that I mean any day over 35 degrees with at least a little sunshine.


Olive You // Get it, like “I love you.” Adding this statement vests can bring your basic tunic + leggings combo to the next level. I love how it looks with a pop of red!


Pardon My Polka // This shift dress basically feels like wearing a giant, super soft tee all day long. To add a little personality to this simple dress, pair it with a solid cardigan, booties, and a statement necklace to add a little

Any fun weekend plans?!

Hello 2016


Hi Friends! We’re one (work) week into 2016, and I’m feeling pretty damn good. I’m on day 6 of  Whole 30 and it’s going well. I thought I’d share a couple New Years resolutions. I know it sounds cliche, but even though it’s really just another month, there’s definitely a cleansing feeling that revolves around a ~new year~. Don’t you think? I also want to share some things I’m looking forward to in 2016!

Resolutions Goals:


  1. Complete the Whole 30 challenge
  2. Grow up, and stop making vodka diets my drink of choice
  3. Read 1 book a month. Not Harry Potter…
  4. MAKE more things (food, crafts, memories)
  5. Take candid pictures/bring my Nikon places
  6. Eat more veggies
  7. Assert myself #sorrynotsorry

Looking Forward To


  2. Honeymoon
  3. Feeling comfortable at my job (no longer a super newbie!)
  4. Summertime Chi, there’s no place like it
  5. Holidays (it’s pathetic, but I’m still sad holiday season 2015 is over).

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

family christmas copy

Hello & a very merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you enjoy this time with your family, friends, and anyone you hold dear! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, enjoy this time off work/school/general responsibilities.

  1. Feel the joy of giving!
  2. Enjoy time with people you don’t see all the time.<3
  3. Eat lots of cookies 🙂

OOTD: Blushing Lumberjack


Happy Christmas Eve ya’ll! I can’t believe how fast Christmas has crept up on me this year. I think it’s partially because it’s my first year working in the real world. No longer being a student means no more mega long winter breaks 😦

I do have a few days off, and I’m ready for rest, relaxation, and some quality family time!


This outfit is a perfect mix of rugged and girly. Wearing a big ol’ flannel under a sweet sweater is just a great combo, don’t you think?


Do you have any fun Christmas traditions?


Happy Birthday to Me: 23!





I’ve mentioned it a few times on here, but I am lucky enough to call myself a twin. There are a lot of perks to having a person who shares your DNA, your face, and YOUR BIRTHDAY! I don’t know if you all have realized it, but no one is quite as excited to celebrate your birthday as you (duh). BUT when you have a twin, they are equally as excited as you! Double the birthday, double the fun – ya know?! For this post I want to do some reflecting, and give you 23 life lessons I’ve learned in my lifetime.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to other people.
  2. Appreciate the things people do for you. 
  3. Make new friends.
  4. Put an effort to keep in contact with the people you enjoy being around. It’s worth it.
  5. Try really hard to be optimistic. (forever working on this)
  6. Radiate good vibes and positive energy. ~channelling inner flower child~
  7. Take pleasure in little moments.
  8. Be silly.
  9. Learn constantly, about lots of things. 
  10. Have an opinion.
  11. Speak your mind (but don’t be an asshole about it).
  12. Stop worrying about how much you weigh.
  13. But take care of your body. Run around, eat some veggies, and call it a day.
  14. Be nice.
  15. Keep problems in perspective. Lots of things aren’t as bad as they initially seem.
  16. Stop worrying, no one really has their shit figured out.
  17. Social media is a highlights reel. 
  18. Take candid pictures.
  19. Clothing: invest in staples, bargain shop for trends.
  20. Don’t apologize for liking the things you like.
  21. Be open to new things.
  22. Go on adventures: big & small.
  23. Remember that relationships are the most important things of the human experience. 

I hope this list can inspire you, if even just a little tiny bit. And I’m going to do my best to take my own advice. 🙂

Here’s to another great year!