Baby Steps to Happiness

Although I’ve consistently been posting outfits, and weekend recaps, I feel like my longer form essay writing has fell by the wayside. In line with the millennial stereotype, I have a lot of feelings and I want to share those thoughts and feelings with people. And you, my tiny group of followers, are my people. So here we go.


Sometimes I struggle with positivity. I would classify myself as a realist, which in the eyes of any optimist makes me a pessimist. Can any of you relate to this sentiment? There is a burden that comes with being a realist. And that burden sometimes means finding happiness in the everyday is a challenge. Which brings us to this list. A small compilation of tiny tricks to happiness.

  • Listening to your favorite song on repeat for a minimum of 30 minutes. This can be executed in the comfort of your home, or via ear buds in your cubicle. You do you.
  • A good or bad workout. Either way you’ll be better for it, and reap the rewards of endorphins.
  • Wear your favorite outfit. Whether it’s the pair of pants that fit your body perfectly, the shirt that instantly makes you feel like a celebrity ready for the paparazzi¬†, or the perfect pair of shoes that give you confidence.
  • Pet/play/gawk at a furry critter. Popular options include, but are not limited to: cats, dogs, ferrets? Don’t own one of the above? Try going for a walk and pet a stranger’s pup (permission is required).
  • Talk to your best bud. Like literally speak to them with your voice, no texting or snapping allowed.
  • Give someone else a compliment
  • Get dolled up: no reason necessary
  • Make something with your own two hands! Bake a cake, learn to crochet, create art, anything is acceptable.

Do you ever struggle to find happiness? What are your go-to remedies?