Thoughts & Feelings: Back-to-School Nostalgia

With back to school season in full swing, I’m left with an intense feeling of nostalgia. Is it just me, or is everyone else also victim to this wave of memories of bonfires, back to school shopping, and high school football games?


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I had a ridiculously good childhood *thanks parents.* Every year, the day before school started: Kayla, my dad, and I would have our Ultimate Day of Fun. Which included mini golf, go-karts, and shopping. Does it get better than that? I remember being super excited to go back to school every year *nerd alert.* Because after a long summer, school meant seeing all of my friends consistently, art classes, and a new teacher (I never got placed with the teacher I wanted, forever bitter about that).

Teen Years 

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With the start of high school, our Ultimate Day of Fun was discontinued because of fall sports which always started a few weeks before the actual school year. I’ve always loved learning, and not to toot my own horn, but I was a ridiculously good student *toot*toot.* A new year meant new teachers, new subjects, but old friends (thanks AP bubble).

College Time

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I went to school in a small Wisconsin town. I absolutely loved it there! My boyfriend/BFF was there, I was super involved on campus, and I loved both of my majors (advertising & psych). Going back to school each year kind of reaffirmed my independence away from home. It’s my second fall not returning to campus, and I’m gunna be real with you, it still feels weird.

Do you have any fun fall memories?

10 Facts About Muwah

1. There’s someone out there who looks exactly like me [I’m a twin]


2. I found a cool dude when I was 16. Now he’s my BFF & love [6 years!]


3. I pretended to be Spanish for an entire year of my life [I lived & worked in Madrid]


4. Currently begging companies to hire me #unemployed

5. I live in a place that freezes over for a minimum of 4 months [sweet home Chicago]


6. I can spot a dog 50+ feet away #skillz


7. I’m a TV addict, LOUD AND PROUD favs: Parks & Rec, Parenthood, Gilmore Girls [I know I’m kinda basic]

8. My love for frozen yogurt is a little out of control [yo yo fro yo]

9. I feel crippled if there’s no wifi [millennial woes]


10. I love stories! [reading, writing, listening, telling]

Hey, hi, howdy internet!


Let’s get to know one another.

The name is Shannon. I’m a  20 something, Midwest native, looking to enhance my story telling game. What better way to get better at writing and telling you about my meanderings through life than a good old fashioned blog?

I’ve had a few blogs in the past, but they’ve served very specific purposes. So this one is for me and telling the story of my life (TBD on that front).