5 Binge Worthy Shows

5. Master of None

hug optomized - Imgur

Aziz Ansari’s latest project is basically a twenty something’s anthem. In the brief 10 episodes, this show covers all the hot-button current issues from racism, to not giving enough shits about our grandparents.

4. Scandal


Following Shonda’s typical style, Scandal is drama-filled and chuck full of plot-twists. The series follows super-smart, super-fashionable, and ultra-lovable Olivia Pope as she fights against the evil that is Washington DC politics.

3. Parks and Recreation

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Need a little light-hearted, heartwarming comedy? Parks and Rec is sure to deliver lots of laughs and good feels. The series follows the life of Leslie Knope, a low-level government employee who cares more about her town than you care about anything. With each passing season, the cast continues to grow more lovable, and more complex.

2. Grey’s Anatomy


This is a show that has no re-run limit. I’ve probably seen every episode a minimum of 3 times. We’re dragged through the trenches following the lives of multiple swoon-worthy doctors. They somehow defy all odds and survive a shit-ton of life threatening scenarios (SO MUCH DRAMA), fall in and out of love with each other, and build and breakdown friendships. It’s everything your little heart could desire.

1. Gilmore Girls

I'm an adult male (early 30's) who had to explain who the Gilmore Girls were to a buddy of mine (late 30's) after I had dropped a sick GG reference. Afterwards I was all like - Imgur

The perfect mix of comedy, drama, and romance! All delivered by a fast-talking, coffee-drinking, junk food-eating mother daughter duo who you can’t help but love. The series is as much a coming of age story, as it is a wtf do I do with my life series. Follow along, fall in love, and skip season six.

What It Feels Like to be an “Introvert”


I remember when I learned about introversion and extroversion in my college psych class, and it felt like a wave of relief to me. Growing up in the U.S. is basically like living in the extroversion olympics (events include: speed friending, joking 101, conversation starters on crack, and how fast you can fill a moment of silence). What’s up with that?

It’s not just the education system that celebrates these social butterflies, but the trend continues well into adulthood and the workplace. I’ve noticed the celebratory atmosphere that surrounds people who can easily network, say every opinion they have in meetings, and spend 45 minutes talking about every minute detail of their weekend is still ever-present .

I don’t mean to hate on extroverts, but it’s necessary to celebrate the quiet and calculated introverts that make up 50% of our society.

So what exactly is does it feel like to be an introvert? Obviously these are all based on my own opinions.

I like being around people, but it’s also really draining


Just because I consider myself an introvert doesn’t mean I hate people. I actually have quite a few close friends that I really enjoy spending time with *call CNN*. I like going to parties with lots of people, but afterwards I definitely need some alone time.

I realllyyyyy enjoy my alone time




Reading, writing, tumbling, watching 10 hours of Netflix, whatever the alone activity is I really enjoy doing it on my own.

All I need is me, myself, and I


I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, do you know what that means?! I think one of the best things about being an introvert is the fierce independence that goes along with it. I know a lot of people who need to do things with other people all. the. time. And these extroverts usually find things like seeing a movie alone, or eating by yourself really daunting – but not I!

Introverts need less stimulation than extroverts 


So this is one of the reasons introverts find parties, networking events, or big groups draining. Because they need less stimulation than extroverts. So when your at a place/event with lots of shit going on, it’s kind of overwhelming, and you’ll definitely need some quality internet alone time post-event.