Weekend Recap Vol. 32

imageWith the arrival of Monday, I’m already feeling pangs of nostalgia for a weekend well spent.

*On Friday, Fiance and I went to dinner at Flower Flat! It’s a coffee shop by day turned intimate restaurant after dark. They feature a prixe fix menu that is honestly AMAZING.


*Sorry for posting a snapchat, but this lady is just too cute! It was another amazing weekend in Chicago weather-wise, and you better believe we soaked it up.



*Sunday was spent wandering the streets in Wicker Park. It’s a neighborhood that is pretty far from us, especially if you take public transportation. Luckily everyone was down to ride bikes over there.



*We were desperate to eat a late lunch outside, so we settled for this bar. The food was mediocre but the atmosphere was great! Also beermosas are my new fav.


*Sunday night was spent organizing my closet. I should’ve taken before pictures because it was a mess. Like an absolute disaster. We’ll see how long I can keep it like this. Pray for me haha.

Any suggestions on what I can do with the clothes on the top shelf? Right not they’re just folded, but I’d love to add in some more organization up there. LMK. 

“A weekend well spent, leads to a week of content”

Weekend Recap


Hello dear friends! Another weekend has come and gone, and here we are, yet again. Stuck with an entire work-filled week. I hope these snap shots can fill your heart with hope that with time another weekend will grace us with it’s presence.

Was that too dramatic? Hahaha, sorry guys I’m just recovering from a rough Monday. This weekend was a special one for us because Logan’s supa cool Aunt and Uncle were in town. I didn’t snap any photos of the 4 of us, but I got some of the places we went, the food we ate, the cool things we saw.


Friday night was spent sipping tasty craft brews at Corridor Brewery & Provisions. If you go I recommend getting the beer flight and at lease 2 giant pretzels. Also the fries are TDF.


Saturday morning started with a cup of Intelligentsia coffee and a giant ass bagel breakfast sammy that kept me full until dinner.


1st stop: Art Institute! Great art, great people, great cookies. Nuff said.



Stop 2: The Cultural Center. This was a new spot for me, and I would recommend any tourist pop in. It’s free and right downtown. The building is a work of art in and of itself, but they also have some cool exhibits.


Stop 4: Museum of Contemporary Art. If you have the time and $10 to spare, I’d recommend it. Definitely has some good talking pieces. Side note: Shannon 4 Prez 2016.


The next morning we strolled around our hood and ate some delicious brunch.

Not pictured:

  • Our wonderful guests whom we like and love (a big compliment in my book)
  • 4 bottles of wine
  • Dinner at Tango Sur (carnivores unite!)
  • Watching SNL on our couch
  • Uncle falling in love with our lil Luna
  • Lots and lots and lots of walking
  • Snow in April (WTF Mother Nature)
  • Lots of smiles, stories, and catching up


Weekend Recap Vol. 29

Hello lovelies & happy Monday. I hope you were able to do something a little special for the holiday weekend (whether you celebrate Easter or not). And by little something I obviously mean I hope you ate some egg-themed candies (lookin at you Cadbury eggs).


On Friday my mom stayed the night with Fiance and I. She stayed over because the next morning she was nice enough to drive us to our very first wedding tasting! We didn’t know what to expect at all, but I was pleasantly surprised with how it went. The three of us were seated in a room that was filled with wedding decor. We saw table settings, pretty plate chargers, and lots of linen samples! But clearly, the best part of the event was the food tasting. Our tongues were blessed with three apps (pictured above), 2 entrees, and 2 sides. After tasting this food, I’d say I’m pretty pumped for our wedding so I can feast hahaha.


After our tasting, my mom drove fiance and I back to our home town so we could stay the night and celebrate Easter with the rest of the fam. Since we had the rest of the day left, Logan and I hit up the outlet mall! Talk about steals.

The rest of the night was filled with tacos, wine, and good conversation.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Easter morning we were greeted with a bowl full of goodies! My mom is always so thoughtful when it comes to little holiday treats. Thanks mom!


Since my family is small (5 + fiance) and my extended family is scattered throughout the country, we often celebrate holidays with a nice family meal. This Easter was no exception. Instead of the traditional lunch we usually have, my mom and dad prepared a baller brunch for us kids. I mean check out this spread! Truly delicious.


Twin and I capped off our weekend at home with a nostalgic fun-run through our neighborhood. How amazing is this flower-filled yard? We had to pause our jog to snap a quick pic of this beauty.

Tell me, how was your weekend?!


Weekend Recap Vol. 26



Hey Guys! Happy Monday, I’m trying to go into the week with absolute positivity. It should be easy because I’ve had such a great weekend.

Saturday was the perfect blend of sloth mode and party mode. Fiance and I spent a lazy morning parked on the couch, and I made some progress with an embroidery project I’ve been working on. I want to try and do some more DIY projects instead of just binge watching Netflix shows all the time.


Logan and I went to a great Thai place, Joy’s Noodles, for a simple Saturday lunch. For some reason I am NEVER in the mood for Asian food, but once Fiance convinces me to get thai, Chinese, or sushi I always end up loving every bite. Maybe one day I’ll surprise him and actually suggest we get Asian food! hahaha


After lunch we met up with twin and got some little plant babies! The hardest part about plant shopping? Finding one that won’t kill our lil cat. For my fellow cat mamas out there, Palms and ferns are probably your best bet. Luna has already tried (unsuccessfully) to climb the palm plant. Palm: 1, Cat: 0.


Saturday night we took a trip down to the South Loop for a coworkers’ housewarming/birthday party. House parties are one of my favorite things ever, so I never turn down an invite to one. I just can’t wait for some summertime rooftop fiestas at the twin’s place.



Sunday was exactly what it should be. Sleeping-in, gym, grocery shopping, and meal prep for the week. Oh, and TV. Lots and lots of TV.

Weekend Recap Vol. 25


imageGood morning friends! We were blessed with more amazing winter weather here in Chicago. 60 degrees in February! Feels like we are getting a little treat from Mother Nature, really hoping this is a trend w can enjoy until spring officially rolls around.

imageOn Saturday we spent the afternoon wandering around Lincoln Park and stopped in Urban Outfitters outlet for some discount fashion.

imageAfter our mini shopping adventure, we popped in to a local coffee shop for a little pick me up. It wa even warm enough to justify ordering a large iced coffee!

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

I always enjoy the simplicity of wandering around our neighborhood. Living in a city means there is a constant stream of new restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and boutiques for us to explore.

imageimageWhile our usual go-to food is pub style, fiancé found an awesome Cuban restaurant for us to try. As you might remember from my whole 30 posts, I am OVSESSED with plantains. This restaurant was amazing because they had a sandwich that substituted with bread with none other than a giant plantain. It was amazing!

*not pictured*

  • coloring/catch up/girl talk with some homies
  • saturday morning fun run
  • pizza & popcorn Oscar watching

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

Weekly Wears


Hello friends & happy FriYAY! Hope your week was a good one, and you have a fun weekend ahead of you.

Cascading Flower Power /// The look is made up of floral cloth shorts (so old), a flowy cotton blend tee (from Primark UK), leggings, thrifted booties, and a basic scarf. This outfit is comfy and trendy. I don’t know about you, but I’m a HUGE fan of shorts + tights.


Power To the Polka /// These Old Navy Pixie Printed pants are among my favorites! They are just stretchy enough, and the material is unlike any other pants I own. Paired with a thrifted top, and tassel necklace this look is simple with a little polka dot punch.

Image (2)

Elegant Rockergirl /// I was told by one of my colleagues that this look was very “elegant.” Not totally how I would classify this striped turtle neck + high waisted combo, but let’s go with it.


Black & White & Red All Over /// One day twin came over and literally threw this shirt at me. It was on clearance at Old Navy and she said “it was so your style, I had to get it for you.” Well she was totally right. This printed (little bunnies and foresty things) peplum top with black skinnies and a blazer was a perfect office look. I think I would actually like it better sans blazer, but my office gets so cold sometimes!

What do you guys think about the selfie approach to weekly wears? Would you prefer to see pictures outside the realm of my companies bathroom?

PS Which outfit is your fav?!

Weekly Wears


Happy Friday guys! We finally made it. Is it just me, or do shortened weeks somehow feel longer than normal ones? Maybe it’s the expectation of the week going by really quickly, either way it sucks.

This week was all about comfy & cozy with a side of stripes!


I love this asymmetrical free people top. It looks great when paired with some simple black leggings, boots, and a colored cardigan! How pretty is the little pendant that Logan got me for Christmas? Coral + turquoise just go together, you know?

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I really loved this combination. My suede skirt + simple black tee + oversized scarf. It was a perfect blend of warmth and style. Sorry I can’t really link any of my outfits because I mostly shop at second hand stores (my favorite is Crossroads).


We finish the week out with a simple striped tee paired with jeans and ballet flats for a pop of color.

Which outfit is your favorite?!

OOTD: Blushing Lumberjack


Happy Christmas Eve ya’ll! I can’t believe how fast Christmas has crept up on me this year. I think it’s partially because it’s my first year working in the real world. No longer being a student means no more mega long winter breaks 😦

I do have a few days off, and I’m ready for rest, relaxation, and some quality family time!


This outfit is a perfect mix of rugged and girly. Wearing a big ol’ flannel under a sweet sweater is just a great combo, don’t you think?


Do you have any fun Christmas traditions?


Weekend Recap Vol. 19

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 7.38.35 PM


Happy humpday homies! I’m a bit late on my weekend recap, not that I could imagine you guys being too torn up about it.

* On Friday my team at work had a holiday potluck! Cheese is life. The end.

* Saturday was my company’s holiday party. It was my first-ever big-girl holiday party and it was an absolute blast! It was held at the Museum of Broadcast Journalism.

*Delicious food, an open bar, and an amazing band were the highlights of the night.

* On Sunday I paid for my enjoyment of the open bar, and was bound to the couch with a Luna on my lap.

How was your weekend?!

5 Favorite Instagram Accounts

1. LIKEtoKNOW.itScreen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.17.10 PM

Looking for a daily dose of fashion inspo? Look no further!

2. HonestlyWTF

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.19.22 PM

Her stream is a slew of amazing home goods, tasty recipes, and fun DIYS.

3. Sam Larson

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.22.14 PM

Sam Larson is a super amazing artist! His work centers around nature and fine lines.

4. Cats_of_instagram

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.24.22 PM

If we’re being real, I follow mostly cats and dogs on instagram. I just need my daily dose of fluff!

5. SincerelyJules

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.26.44 PM

Fashion icon meets world traveler. Get the best of both worlds by clicking “follow.”