Weekend Recap Vol. 14

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It’s November!!! That means holiday season is upon us *YAZZZZZ*! The Fiance and I were living in Madrid last year, and the holidays just weren’t the same overseas (obvi), so I’m extra super excited for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and my birthday! This weekend turned out to be the epitome of chill. It was much needed after the last few weekends of go-go-go.

* Fiance was out of town all weekend which meant it was just me and my main squeeze, Luna.

* I don’t know if it was because Logan was gone this weekend, but the cat was SUPER cuddly. Which, as you can see, resulted in a lot of cat pics #sorrynotsorry.

* I went to two Halloween parties dressed as a Jedi. Unfortunately that meant everyone wanted to steal my $3 light saber…

Did you do anything fun this weekend? 

Weekend Recap Vol. 6

weekend recap

Excuse the old pics, but I was having way too much fun this weekend to actually remember to take some pictures haha.

* An old high school friend came down to the city to visit me! I never get tired of catching up with the some of my best friends.

* We celebrated Andy’s (my sister’s boyfriend) birthday on Saturday! It was a perfectly chill night full of deluxe chocolate cake (with cookie dough in the middle), friends, and nice chats.

* The boyfriend and I ate a delicious brunch at Pick Me Up Cafe. It’s one of our all-time favorite places in the city! Hip hip hooray for build your own omelettes!

Weekend Recap Vol. 5

weekend recap

* Spent most of the weekend with these love birds ❤

* Forever in love with our neighborhood in Chicago, there’s so much to do/eat/see

* Brunchin with some serious babes

* Cheers to the freakin weekend with an awesome Blood Orange Mimosa

* Catchin up with old friends is always a good time, especially when you have a Great Lake in your background (and the dog beach is on the walking route)

Weekend Recap Vol. 4

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Another great summer weekend with great people!

* Kayla and I went to the Chicago Air and Water Show on Sunday. The show is a bunch of tiny fast jet planes doing tricks in the air. I think the best part was being able to hop in the lake and watch the show while bobbing with the tiny waves.

* Logan and I celebrate 6 YEARS together on Saturday! I’m so lucky to have grown up along side him and travel the world together. I’m excited for all the adventures our lives have in store for us!

* We made the trip up to WI this weekend for a friends wedding. It’s so fun to see our friends growing up and making big commitments like this. The wedding was close to our college town, so we were able to drive through our alma mater, talk about nostalgic feels.

Weekly Recap Vol. 3

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I forgot to do my weekly recap on Monday! My weekend was super low key, but I did have a pretty good week:

* There was a really cool storm coming through while I was on one of my Lakeshore runs

* I crashed an Optimus party with some of my Leo Burnett amigos, so fun!

* I wrote this post about what it’s like being a twin, spoiler: it’s pretty great

* I went to the conservatory and Lincoln Park Zoo with some friends, and we had an absolute blast

* Chicago is chuck full of street art, it seems like every corner I turn there’s another masterpiece on a brick canvas

July Recap!

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 8.53.20 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-31 at 8.53.04 AM

* Watched basically every episode of Shark Week

* Celebrated the Fourth of July with my best bud in the best way, soaking up some summer rays

* Chicago went all out to celebrate the US Women’s Soccer Team world cup win

* I returned back to the good ol’ United States and got to spend some quality time at home

* Logan and I had to say hasta luego to Madrid after a year of living there

* My good bye European treat was a case of McDonald’s Macaroons, soooooo tasty

* Holy freckles

* Had lunch a couple times on the Chicago River Walk with BFF #1 & #2

* Went to a super fun wedding with the Cannon Clan

* Kayla and I were scolded multiple times for breaking beach rules we were unaware of #teamnoodle

* Reunited with some great friends at a Rooftop housewarming party, yay friends!

* Enjoyed some free music downtown with the siblings, so lucky to call them my best friends