Weekend Recap Vol. 2

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This weekend I channelled my inner bee and was SUPER busy. Because….*drumroll please*…. LOGAN AND I MOVED into our new place. We lived together in Spain over the course of last year (we’re seasoned roomies), but we had three other roommates. So this move is super exciting because it’s our first place with just the two of us *yay* and it’s absolutely wonderful! Seriously guys, I am so in love with our little home. We still need a lot of furniture and little decorations and lots of little fix ups, but once it’s put together I’ll definitely share it here.


Other major¬†minor¬†weekend adventure was a quick (see: 3 hour) trip to the beach. If you haven’t heard, summer in Chicago is actually the best. There’s a beach, sunshine, and a nice breeze to cool you off – not to mention the 1 billion festivals going on every weekend (this weekend was Lolla). Well this Friday we (my siblings and I) took to option 1, and spent an entire afternoon acting like little penguins and plunging into the chilly waters of Lake Michigan.


As you can tell, this weekend was another great one for the books *cue happy dance*!



July Recap!

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 8.53.20 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-31 at 8.53.04 AM

* Watched basically every episode of Shark Week

* Celebrated the Fourth of July with my best bud in the best way, soaking up some summer rays

* Chicago went all out to celebrate the US Women’s Soccer Team world cup win

* I returned back to the good ol’ United States and got to spend some quality time at home

* Logan and I had to say hasta luego to Madrid after a year of living there

* My good bye European treat was a case of McDonald’s Macaroons, soooooo tasty

* Holy freckles

* Had lunch a couple times on the Chicago River Walk with BFF #1 & #2

* Went to a super fun wedding with the Cannon Clan

* Kayla and I were scolded multiple times for breaking beach rules we were unaware of #teamnoodle

* Reunited with some great friends at a Rooftop housewarming party, yay friends!

* Enjoyed some free music downtown with the siblings, so lucky to call them my best friends