4 Feelings While Watching the Golden Globes


Just an FYI, I have a lot of thoughts and feelings and opinions about a lot of things. This is my space to express said opinions. That being said, continue reading if you so desire to know about my thoughts on the Golden Globes.

1. Envy


Oh my god. That dress, those earrings, the makeup! Please gimme all of it, pleaseeee. I don’t know where in the world I would wear any of the MANY stunning gowns I saw the other night, but I know I want, nay, NEED them.

2. Disbelief


How on earth is your arm the size of my index finger? I am not trying to body shame in any sense of the word, but I can tell you that these actresses (not actors), have all lost about 20 pounds in the last 5-10 years. Which would be cool if they needed to lose weight for health reasons, but they all look bony, malnourished, bobble heads. And they were just as beautiful as they are now.

3. Anger


Why the f*ck do I support the entertainment industry? An industry that demands a woman’s weight remain as close to double digits as humanly possible? I don’t blame the women who are clearly victims of a thin-obsessed culture that is perpetuated by…well I don’t know who is behind it. You? Me? “The Man?” It’s clearly not one person, and I’m really hoping we, as an entire society of human beings, shift our beauty ideals away from starvation and towards healthy weights and behaviors.

4. Self-loathing

self hatred

This brings me to my final point. After watching a solid hour of red carpet coverage where women were praised for their tiny bodies, I couldn’t help but feel like my own 5’4″ 140 pound frame was inadequate. That I, a strong, bright, fit woman should dwindle my weight down to as much as humanly possible. It’s this feeling that worries me most. Also, these 21 year olds have more money now than I will ever have in my entire life on Earth… Cool. 

On a lighter note: S/O To Brie Larson and her very well deserved win for Room!

So as we can both derive from my feelings, I should probably stop watching Award Shows.

But, when are the Oscars…?

If Cities Were Stereotypes from High School

1. NYC: most popular


This cities’ reputation proceeds it, and it’ll f*ck you you over in more ways than one. Sounds a little like the popular kids in high school…

2. Paris: best dressed


For anyone who asks, Parisians and the city itself (buildings, cafes, even the alleys) are just as glamorous as the media portrays. Much like that girl who always wore amazing outfits while everyone else slumped around the halls in sweats.

3. Madrid: most social


Cheap, chill, and super chatty. Madrid’s atmosphere is easy-going, to say the least. You’ll always be welcomed with a nice double-cheek kiss, similarly to the kid in high school who transcended social boundaries, and was somehow friends with every person on Earth.

4. Amsterdam: most attractive


With endless canals, pastel-colored buildings, and rows of house boats: Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Although they’re known for their cannabis consumption, but it should really be highlighted for everything being so effing beautiful.

5. Chicago: best personality


Big city glam, with rural town charm. Most of the inhabitants are kind and welcoming (in comparison to other cities). Not to mention the pure magnetism of the breath-taking skyline & lakefront combo.

6. London: most likely to succeed


This city basically exudes “my way or the highway” type attitude, it doesn’t take shit from anyone or anything. I mean, come on, just look at how they drive. As in, they are one of the very few countries that drive on the left side of the road, forcing all travelers to abandon all previously held beliefs about societal movement. They don’t just drive on the left side: people also walk on the left side, go up the stairs on that side, and the escalators are switched. Talk about a true bossy pants.