10 Facts About Muwah

1. There’s someone out there who looks exactly like me [I’m a twin]


2. I found a cool dude when I was 16. Now he’s my BFF & love [6 years!]


3. I pretended to be Spanish for an entire year of my life [I lived & worked in Madrid]


4. Currently begging companies to hire me #unemployed

5. I live in a place that freezes over for a minimum of 4 months [sweet home Chicago]


6. I can spot a dog 50+ feet away #skillz


7. I’m a TV addict, LOUD AND PROUD favs: Parks & Rec, Parenthood, Gilmore Girls [I know I’m kinda basic]

8. My love for frozen yogurt is a little out of control [yo yo fro yo]

9. I feel crippled if there’s no wifi [millennial woes]


10. I love stories! [reading, writing, listening, telling]