Weekend Recap: Vol 36


Hello lovelies, and welcome to Monday! As always, I’m still dreaming about another wonderful weekend in the Windy City.

On Friday we started the weekend off right by going to a Flowers for Dreams event. Free mini bouquets, nitro cold brew, and good vibes. They’ll have these events periodically throughout the summer, so follow them on instagram if you’re interested!


Yes, that (^) is a really spooky panoramic picture gone wrong. Friday night was spent sipping our own wine and enjoying a 3 course prixe fixe menu at Flower Flat!



With no plans on Saturday, we spent a good chunk of the day wandering about. Including our neighborhood Farmer’s Market. How adorable are those multi-colored potatoes?! I just cannot.


Sunday was equally chill. We caught up with some friends over a cold brew tea, but other than that we just enjoyed the day off and sunshine!


And here’s your weekly dose of Lil Luna.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap Vol. 32


Hello friends! Happy to report Chicago got it’s first real taste of Spring this weekend, and I could not be happier. We were graced with high 60’s, sunshine, and a really nice breeze. I’m also happy to tell you I took full advantage of the idyllic weather and spent most of my weekend outside.


I love to start my Saturday’s with a run by the lakefront. I am SO lucky to live a stone throw of the beautiful Lakeshore Running Path, and when it’s nice out there’s nothing better than a little trot by the water.



After my energy-inducing run I went to check out the farmer’s market. It’s still indoors for the next couple weeks, but it was nice enough to ride my precious bike bae. Among my purchases: 5 mega Honeycrisp apples, and my all-time favorite dehydrated pears. Basically I bought healthy candy.


Fiance and I decided to check out a new sandwich place in our neighborhood called The Panini Republic. I would definitely recommend checking this place out. AND if you check in to yelp you get a free bag of chips or drink. Holla.


We spent the rest of the afternoon with Twin hanging out on her rooftop. We try to take full advantage of this space whenever the weather allows.


Saturday night marked the beginning of patio season. There is no better atmosphere than sippin on a tasty adult beverage while enjoying the crisp outdoors. Am I right, or am I right?


Sunday was filled with workouts, lakefront walks, grocery shopping, kitty cuddles, and fro yo.

How was your weekend? Has spring hit your neck of the woods?

Weekend Recap Vol. 31

Currently writing this as I am trying to recover from a bad case of the Sunday Scaries. Anyone have a proven remedy for this condition?! LMK.

imageGuys, Chicago needs to get its shit together because it has felt like winter for the past month. If you’re looking for evidence, look no further than the matching turtlenecks above. Whatever weather I’ll still do things! On Saturday us girls were on a mission to raid the indoor farmer’s market only to realize we should’ve checked the schedule because there were no vendors there. The market is next Saturday. In the wake of our defeat, we decided to head on over to an Austrian cafe and sip some tea, catch up, and even do a little wedding planning (both of these lovely ladies are in my bridal party).

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Although the weather was begging us succumb to our fate of being couch-bound til summer, our friends had a different plan in mind. We headed downtown to a friend’s house where we indulged in some adult beverages, and fun talks. I always like this part of the night the best. House parties > bars. I would’ve been happy to hang out there all night.


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

But once again our friends had a difference of opinion and we embarked on an adventure to the bars. And by adventure I mean 6 of us squeezed into a 5 seat Uber. Living on the edge over here. The bar was expensive, loud, and poorly lit. These characteristics only helped to further solidify my previously mentioned opinion of house parties > bars.

What do you think? Parties? Bars? Other.

Weekend Recap Vol. 27


Someone please, please, please, tell me how weekends are allowed to go by so quickly? It doesn’t seem fair! As you can tell by the photo above, we celebrated St. Patty’s day here in Chicago. True the Chicago River is always a nice olive green, but for the holiday the city takes it upon themselves to dye it Kelly Green, because, ya know, why not…?


The day was filled with exactly what you’d expect a group of twenty-somethings to do on a nice spring Saturday. Day drinking! You can use your imagination here.


How cute are Twin & her boyfriend?


And just like that it was Sunday. I channeled my inner cat and spent the day lounging on the couch while binge watching Jane the Virgin (surprisingly good show).


Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Weekend Recap Vol. 26



Hey Guys! Happy Monday, I’m trying to go into the week with absolute positivity. It should be easy because I’ve had such a great weekend.

Saturday was the perfect blend of sloth mode and party mode. Fiance and I spent a lazy morning parked on the couch, and I made some progress with an embroidery project I’ve been working on. I want to try and do some more DIY projects instead of just binge watching Netflix shows all the time.


Logan and I went to a great Thai place, Joy’s Noodles, for a simple Saturday lunch. For some reason I am NEVER in the mood for Asian food, but once Fiance convinces me to get thai, Chinese, or sushi I always end up loving every bite. Maybe one day I’ll surprise him and actually suggest we get Asian food! hahaha


After lunch we met up with twin and got some little plant babies! The hardest part about plant shopping? Finding one that won’t kill our lil cat. For my fellow cat mamas out there, Palms and ferns are probably your best bet. Luna has already tried (unsuccessfully) to climb the palm plant. Palm: 1, Cat: 0.


Saturday night we took a trip down to the South Loop for a coworkers’ housewarming/birthday party. House parties are one of my favorite things ever, so I never turn down an invite to one. I just can’t wait for some summertime rooftop fiestas at the twin’s place.



Sunday was exactly what it should be. Sleeping-in, gym, grocery shopping, and meal prep for the week. Oh, and TV. Lots and lots of TV.

Weekend Recap Vol. 24


Buenos martes my friends! I hope your weekend was an amazing one. We had a bit of a heat wave here in Chicago.Twin & I took full advantage of the Spring-like weather by going for a morning run along the lake. Let me tell you: no one is more appreciative of unseasonably warm weather than a Chicagoan.



It was a pretty low-key weekend. Lots of walking, a little shopping, and a dash of caffeine #latteaddict. Fiance and I went to a new coffee place in our neighborhood. If you live in the area you should check out Bow Truss. The ambiance alone is enough to justify the trip.


It wouldn’t be a Sunday morning without waking up to a Lil Luna perched on my back. She is just the sweetest nug we could ever ask for! Saturdays are for exploring and adventuring, but Sundays are for working out, grocery shopping, and just getting sh*t done, so it’s nice to chill out a little bit before I run all my errands.

*Sigh* It’s only Tuesday and I’m already dreaming of the next sleepy Saturday morning.

Weekend Recap Vol. 23


Hi friends & happy Tuesday! I hope your Monday was so good that you aren’t still sad about it not being the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, I had a really great one.



On Saturday I went to my first ever Soul Cycle class. A big thanks to Target for sponsoring the pop-up shop in the Loop! While I may deemed Soul Cycle a cult-like exercise class, I can totally see why people are addicted to these workouts. Pour me a tall glass of that kool-aid.


With a great workout to start my day, the day only got better with a visit from my future in-laws. We went to this super legit German restaurant, and stuffed our faces with a giant pretzel, cheese curds, and sausage. YUM.


Although I didn’t take any pictures (too busy having fun), on Saturday night fiance, twin, and some of our friends went to an open mic night for stand-up. I was pleasantly surprised by both the talent and the cheap drinks. We’ll definitely going back there.


As per usual, Sunday is for cat hangs, gym time, and grocery shopping. But this was a special weekend because SUPER BOWL SUNDAY.


Am I a huge fan of football? No. Am I a huge fan of funny commercials, epic snacks, and hanging with my posse? YAS. Not sure about all of you, but I felt very underwhelmed with the ads this year. Seemed like every advertiser just decided to book a celebrity and call it a day. Exception: those Hyundai singing sheep. That was great.

How was your weekend? 




Weekend Recap Vol. 22


Happy Tuesday guys! I hope you had a great weekend filled with laughs, tiny adventures, and your favorite humans. This past weekend was unseasonably nice in Chicago. It was sunny with a high of 45 on Saturday, and you better believe we took full advantage of it.


We started our day journey with a delicious meal in Ravenswood (yes, like the ABC Family PLL spinoff). I had an AMAZING naked burger (sans bread), and it was exactly what I needed.



It was our first time in Ravenswood, and I loved every charming street of this Chicago neighborhood. The blocks are littered with small businesses that sell all the pretty things you want but don’t need.



We stumbled upon the cutest little coffee shop called The Grind Cafe. I ordered a loose leaf coconut tee, and it did not disappoint. One of my favorite things about this little gem is their hand stamped coffee cups, can you see the blue fern on it in the picture?


We spent a little time wandering around this specialty grocery store that specializes in German cousine. I can’t wait to go back when I’m done with Whole 30 so we can get some German beer!


Ravenswood was so fun, and I’ll definitely be visiting this nook of Chicago again.



Sunday was business as usual: gym, grocery shopping, house cleaning, with a side of little Luna kitty cuddles. Doesn’t that picture of fiancee and Luna just melt your heart?!


Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Weekend Recap Vol. 20


Hey homies! I know we’re a little ways past Monday (praise be!), but the long weekend threw off my normal recap posts. Since I’m doing the Whole 30 Challenge, I haven’t gone out at all (no alcohol + arctic Chicago temps = chill weekends).


This chill time has lead to some serious cooking by the twin and I (okay let’s be real, fiance is still owning the whole cooking front, but I’ve definitely attempted). We’ve been having some weekend dinner parties, and last Saturday we had zoodles with a sloppy joe inspired meat sauce. You can find the recipe here.


On Sunday, Logan and I ventured downtown to do a little Christmas present returning/shopping. Chicago residents, if you still haven’t been to the new(ish) Uniqlo downtown you should make a trip of it. They have a really cool Starbucks with a nice view of Michigan Ave, and really neat artwork on their top floor.


On Monday morning some friends and I visited a local bread shop (I oogled at their pretzel croissants while sipping my herbal tea). It’s always so nice to venture outside the house on weekend mornings and catch up on life happenings with some of my favorite people.



Image (1)


Monday was MLK Jr. Day, which meant the four of us had the day off work! It was especially cool because all of the city’s museums were free for Illinois residents. We played tourists and checked out some of the new additions at the Art Institute of Chicago! I really loved the modern wing. Surrealism is my favorite genre of art, *fun fact* my grandpa was an amazing amateur surrealist painter.

Did you do anything special during your 3 day weekend?

Weekend Recap Vol. 18

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.24.38 AM

Happy Cyber Monday guys! I hope you enjoyed a long weekend with the people you love.

* I found out my cat hates other cats. Kayla brought her lil nug home too, and my lil Luna was not about having another 4-legged creature around her.

* The twin + our significant others and I went to the only cool bar in our hometown on Wednesday & saw our entire graduating class

* Turkey day was spent at multiple locations: my house, fiance’s aunts, and fiance’s grandparents

* I headed back home on Friday and spent the day chillin to the max with the twin. We binge watched Jessica Jones all weekend long.

* On Saturday I FOUND MY WEDDING DRESS!!! It was the third one I tried on and I seriously just knew it was the one.

* Saturday night we hosted our annual friendsgiving with our high school posse. Six years strong!

* Now I’m back in the city, and back to reality